Faux Cloisonne Earrings featuring Letraset Markers and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic



Start Ups from Buttons Galore and More might just be my favorite product from the site! I love their smooth, white surface… like a canvas just begging to be painted upon.  I rifled through my sticker stash in order to come up with this easy-peasy faux cloisonne technique.


You’ll need:

  • Start Ups- I used tags and circles
  • Peel-Off type stickers- I used Magenta brand
  • Alcohol-based markers- I used Letraset ProMarkers
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • Krylon Spray Sealer
  • Earring findings, jump rings, connectors.

To make these, I simply peeled a sticker off of the sheet and applied it to the Start-Ups, burnishing it down a bit with a fingernail. Then I colored in the lines using my alcohol based markers.

When the ink was dry I added a coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over the whole thing to pull off the Cloisonne effect. Or, like in this example, you can choose to do only one area to add pop to your piece.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Sticker Earrings

Once the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is all dry, add jump rings and earring findings and you are ready to roll. (If you leave some areas without the Dimensional Magic, I’d suggest spraying the pieces with a coat or two of Krylon Triple Thick in order to keep the ink from scratching off in the future.

No one needs to know you raided your paper crafting stash to make your jewelry!

Mod Podge Dimensional Ma

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  1. Carmen Lucero says

    Really neat!! I just started making jewelry – nice to know there is an easy way!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Carmen Lucero

  2. says

    That looks really neat! May I ask a question about the Krylon? Does it also help to seal the dimensional magic?? I bought a couple of bottles and haven’t had too much time to experiment with them yet. Thank you for all of your awesome ideas!

  3. says

    Sarah- you don’t really need to seal MPDM, but take care not to get it wet- it will cloud up. I suggest the Krylon just to keep the marker from scratching/ rubbing off. For a more permanent, waterproof solution, use a 2-part epoxy resin. : )

  4. says

    I love me some easy-peasy-make-tonight-wear-tomorrow jewelry. Nothing that’s meant to last forever, but just fun to wear and make for a season. : )

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