Epiphany Crafts Button Studio Review


Button Studio epoxy sticker-making tool

While I was at CHA I had the pleasure of meeting with Tricia from Epiphany Crafts. She was so gracious to share their latest tools with me which includes several sizes and shapes of the Button Studio as well as the Shape Studio. These are cool tools that let you cut a shape and apply an epoxy sticker, aligning them perfectly!

I told her they were so cool that I wanted to share a sample with the readers of Craft Test Dummies so they could get an idea of how the tool works and what it does, so she sent me on my way with Shape Studio Round 14.

In the photo above you will see the actual tool and a package of the round 14 bubble caps.  The bubble caps are like a very strong and durable epoxy sticker.

I could not believe how easy this tool was to use.  You basically slide your paper through the slot, stick one of the round 14 bubbles in the little hole on the top, place the plastic insert piece into the tool, close the cap and push just like a regular punch.  The bubble has adhesive and as it punches the shape to fit the back of your bubble the adhesive attaches to your paper and poof, you have a wonderful round epoxy shape!

We found this cool “how-to” video from CHA Summer and thought you might want to check it out!

Now I cannot stop at a round red epoxy shape so read on to find out what I created…

I purchased this darling plaid skirt for my daughter to wear on the very first day of school.  Of course being the matching queen that I am, I have been unable to find a hair clip that I consider suitable and the exact colors for this first day of school outfit.  So guess what I did?  You’ve got it…I made my own hair clip.  I created two blue and one red bubble using the EC Shape Studio and the bubble accessories.  Isn’t it a perfect match?  Just imagine if I could have found the exact same plaid but in paper?  I’d be in heaven.  I love the fact you can take this tool and create your own personalized embellishments.

Of course I could not stop at just one project because I was having so much fun!  I needed to create a birthday gift for a friend and wanted to alter a candle tin since she loves candles so much.  So I covered the tin and then created some dimensional flowers and leaves.  In the center of each I put something a little different.  As you can see the largest flower contains one of the Epiphany Craft round bubbles and this time I used patterned cardstock.  You can see a close up below.

The possibilities are endless!  If you want the flexibility of making your own embellishments this tool is a must have.   It is simple, quick, and fun!

Let me know if  you have questions by posting a comment and I am happy to post an answer.


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  1. Sandy says

    Just when I thought I had it all, a new tool that is a must have. Thanks for the demo Lisa.

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