Doodle Stampers and Sew Stampers from We R Memory Keepers


If you’ve visited CraftTestDummies anytime before, you’ll know that I love papercrafting and stamping. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of “zhush” to make a project really stand out. So I had to dig into the We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers and Doodle Stampers as soon as they hit my doorstep! We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers and Doodle Stampers

From the website:

The Sew Stamper is the solution for the crafter who loves the “sewn” look but dislikes sewing, and loves stamping but can’t find the right designs! The Sew Stamper combines the best of both worlds – sewn designs with a self-inking rubber rolling stamp! 7 interchangeable heads are currently available: straight, cross, zig zag, scallop, burst, blanket and hem.

Now let’s take a look. Each Stamper is actually two parts: a removable, interchangeable head and an ergonomic handle. (By the way, that is the same handle used for the Sew Easy Piercing Tool– I have a review on that too!


The head attaches to the handle with a twist.  Easy to do.


The head also has an integrated cap that keeps the stamping roller clean and the self-inking pad (inside) moist.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers and Doodle Stampers

Just flip it back and it clicks out of the way!

So let’s play a bit!


This line is supposed to be wavy and hand-drawn looking- but it only takes seconds to do!


Plus you can get wavy lines as well- just make sure you keep good pressure to keep the stamp from going lighter.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers and Doodle Stampers

So as you can see here, all of the ink included is BLACK. It was kind of misleading, since the heads were different colors.

Now, let me show you a video with a demo!

Here are those samples I referenced in the video:


Yup, that ink is a bit wet. I smudged it! Now you know.


But once it’s dry, you can color over them with inks, paints, or glazes. They are water-fast after drying!


And yet they were wet enough to emboss with, as shown above. Just make sure you sprinkle on the powder immediately!


This is another sample using Sakura Glaze Pens. I love this simple way to turn plain cardstock into sweet notecards!


And the designs are right at home in my art journal, too.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers and Doodle Stampers

So, what do you think? I found them to be a LOT of fun, and I went right out and ordered more heads and a storage case! So fun and easy for the kids, too.

The prices vary, of course, but it looks like the heads run under $6 and handle/beginning set is under $10. Well worth it for the ability to stamp, emboss, and play in my opinion!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review purposes from the company. Links below are affiliate links and your purchase will support free content on CTD! Thank you!

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  1. says

    Brenda- they are NOT refillable, and the packaging says they last 1,000+ uses. But we’ll see!

  2. Cat Graves says

    I have some of these and love the patterns and ease of use. Used them on a painted canvas and it seems they took ages to dry. So happy to know I could heat emboss and they would be instantly dry! Now where did I put that darn heat gun?

  3. Linda says

    Great demonstration . I am looking forward to trying these. A cute and easy alternative to actual sewing.

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