DIY Candy Conversation Heart Engagement Ring



If you’ve got more love then cash, then you need to make this sweet little DIY engagement ring for your sweetie. Perfect for geeks, crafters, nerds, and conversation-heart-candy aficionados, especially!

It’s pretty simple. Just buy some boxes on Candy Conversation Hearts at the Dollar Store, and find the one that says “Marry Me.”

You’ll also need:

  • silicon molding tray
  • 2 part resin (I like Ice Resin)
  • craft stick/ coffee stirrer
  • ring blank
  • super glue
  • ….and about 12 hours for it to set up.

Mix up your resin according to the directions. Using the coffee stirrer, drizzle a little bit of the resin into the bottom of the mold. Next, place your candy conversation heart message-side-down. Then fill up the rest of the mold with the resin, making sure you can cover the back completely.

Set it aside to cure- overnight is usually fine. Pop out your resin mold and glue it onto an adjustable ring base.

Now, if you want to be clever, place the ring back into the candy box and re-fill with the rest of the candy. Give your amore THAT for Valentine’s day, and see what happens when she opens the box! Squee!

Or, if you are trying to drop a hint….anyone??

For a short time I’ll have some of these pieces available in my Etsy shop. Or, if you need products to make your own, I hope you’ll use my affiliate links:



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