CTD Week In Review & Pinterest -ing Finds Week Ending 7/28/12


Holy cats, it’s been a busy week! We got home from CHA Summer 2012 last weekend, and it took me a full four days to unpack, do laundry, and catch up on sleep. Then this week my son was in volunteer camp and soccer cam every day, so I ran around like a mad woman. Throw in the mix a VERY important meeting on Wednesday, getting the rest of the CHA posts up, the Olympic opening on Friday, and prepping the kids to go to summer camp next week, this CraftTestDummy is one tired gal!

That being said, let’s get to the good stuff!

First, don’t forget that there is still an open giveaway for TWO pairs of Jinger Adams Designs flip-flops. Just click over to see the video we shot with Above Rubies’ Studio’s Megan Elizabeth and enter to win.

By the way, if you’d like to see the other recent posts on CTD, please take a peek at the sidebar there on the right- the last 10 posts are handily displayed for you! We just tweaked it so you’ll know at a glance if you’ve missed anything.

I’ve been having WAY too much fun looking at Pinterest lately- but I realized that if you aren’t ON Pinterest (and that’s OK) you might be missing some of my “picks.” So I’m switching up my Week In Review post to include those crafts that I see online that MY heart go pitter pat. (Well, at least the top three!)

Candy “Pencil” craft from Thrifty and Thriving.

I love this “Pencil” craft from ThriftyAndThriving.com. We are only about 4 weeks out from heading back to school, and I put a pin on this- quite literally- so that I can make my kids a back-to-school favor. I will probably also make them for teacher appreciation gifts this year!


Mini Travel Scrapbook by Sandi Genovese

Next up is this sweet Mini Travel Scrapbook by Sandi Genovese on her “Scrapbook Showgram” site. If you used to love watching her on DIY Network, she is still making videos & posting them on her Showgram.  What I loved about her project was the binding method- you use prong fasteners that you get at the office supply store. I love the project so much, I used it as a template for my Summer Scrapbooking with Astrobrights project.

Summer Kid’s Scrapbook with Astrobrights

I used my Martha Stewart edge punches to fancy up the staggered edges, and my Cricut to decorate the cover. The rest though, is up to my kids. Click the photo if you’d like to see my step-out instructions and photos.

So I kinda saved the best for last. I ran across this amazing food craft via my pals at Craft- but you need to see this for yourself!


Olympic Torch Cupcakes by S’Tasty are just….. wow.

From over across the pond, S’Tasty bakes up some yummy lemon cupcakes and homemade frosting (note, the measurements are in metrics and she uses some language/names that aren’t familiar- but I’m personally gonna cheat anyway and use a box mix.) The brilliance is in the caramelized sugar “flames” and THAT’S what pushes these over the edge from clever into art. FAB!

So there it is- my Pinterest -ing Finds. Did you see something new here? Would you like me to continue this feature? I’d love to hear from you. Have a great weekend, crafty pals, and we’ll wrap up our CHA coverage next week & get back to our reviews.

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