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Just goes to show you that the DIY crafty mentality is everywhere– even the shoe kiosk at your mall! I was trotting around with the kiddos and ran across a Crocs kiosk; and since girlie-girl is growing out of hers, it was time for a school pair.

Lo and Behold! FREE with purchase we got a “Croc-a-Doodles” art set, to DECORATE YOUR OWN SHOES. How much do I love this? The kit comes with 3 markers, 4 fabric paints, some stencils and a little sponge for pouncing. The box says that the paint is washable, too, if you want to remove your art later. Good to know that you can’t send your Crocs through the machine and expect your paint to come through unscathed!

And of course, there is a contest associated with it. The age categories are ages 0-6, 7-12, and 13-16. (I’m DEVESTATED that there is no adult category…but maybe next year. )But you’d better get cracking, because the contest is over on August 31st, 2009.

In any event, I consider this a win-win-win: get some shoes for school, get some crafty goodness, and keep your kiddos occupied decorating their shoes for a half-hour or so while  Mama drinks her java in peace. Craft on!

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