Cricut + Vinyl = Upcycled Bike Helmet


When you have a kid, there is a zone in which “cool” trumps “safe”- so when it was time to replace my son’s bike helmet, I KNEW it had better be cool, or else he just wouldn’t wear it. Sadly, the safest one was  plain white. (Lame-O!) So we had to jazz it up, STAT.

With my Cricut, 2 colors of vinyl, and my Indie Arts cart, we hooked that bad boy up and now it’s SAH-WEET!

Cut images from the vinyl at Speed=3 and Pressure=3

Clean the surface w/ Windex before adhering the vinyl stickers.

Now my boy will be "cool" AND safe.

So, you can take this idea many places. You can really “upcycle” hand-me-down bikes, helmets, etc, and the new owner will feel like it’s really been customized for him/her. Great for sprucing up yard-sale finds!

Any suggestions/comments? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Lisa says

    I consider myself a fairly competent crafter though I’ve not gone down the scrapbooking trail. I’m interested in this idea as was suggested to jazzing up apartment kitchen cabinet fronts. But I haven’t the foggiest idea where or how one acquires the vinyl used in this project. No, I don’t have a cricut machine. But would it be possible to cut the vinyl into thin strip with straight edge and sharp knife?

    I’m also wondering if it would adhere successfully to the painted wood surface of the cabinets.

    This vinyl material might be a better hack for covering the 1970’s light avocado tile back splash. Where and how do I purchase it?

    I could do a cobalt blue and white checkboard pattern over the ceramic tile. This would go much further in personalising the kitchen than putting anything on the cabinet fronts. Add some cobalt door handles and drawer pulls and I’ve got my customized kitchen!

  2. says

    Lisa- thank you for your comment.
    So… YES, you can cut craft vinyl with a craft blade- that’s what most artists did before die-cutters came along! You can purchase craft vinyl online, and it will stick to any smooth, non-porous surface. It even bends around corners a bit!
    You may enjoy this review-it’s for a specific brand, but many are similar. It will give you some ideas for vinyl crafting & applications, as well:
    Lastly– I love to purchase vinyl on, and there are lots of choices. Here’s an affiliate link for you to follow:

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