Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer

December 5, 2013

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Today we have a special guest on our Craft Countdown- Katie Waltemeyer, our newest member of #TeamCTD! She is an amazing blogger and crafter, and we are so honored to have her on board! 


Hi y’all! I’m Katie and you can find me over at my little slice of the internet, Sweet Rose Studio!

I am so blessed to be a wife to my high school sweetheart and mother to our two sweet, crazy kids. In my past life I was an elementary school teacher, but now I am a stay-at-home-momma by trade and absolutely adore what I do.

I do have to say that I’m not great at limiting myself to doing one single thing though. I really do love anything remotely crafty and creative and I have a passion for party planning and paper crafting. I’m trying to teach myself to sew one stitch at a time and you can regularly find me with a sippy cup in one hand and a glue gun in the other with my camera hanging around my neck. I am a self-professed Oreo and Chapstick addict and I’m excited to be delving in Project Life for the very first time.


Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer
Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer

5 Tools or Supplies you can’t live without:

Silhouette, quality scissors, tape runner, large paper cutter, Canon 60D

4 Words You Live By:

faith, family, create, live

3 Photos of Your Work:

Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer

Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer

Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer

2 Things You Are Not Very Good At:

Keeping up with housework (ick) and figuring out driving directions (I get lost all of the time!)

1 Thing to Brag About:

My five year old son threw the only passing touchdown for his flag football team this year. I’m one proud momma.

You can find Katie here:





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2 Responses to “Craft Countdown with Katie Waltemeyer”

  1. Chrystel Says:

    Although I am a 64 year-old grandmother, I see several familiar traits here; directionally challenged, live by words, many interests . Looking forward to reading Katie’s posts.

  2. Fancylooks Says:

    Thank you for offering always such great expertise in crafting!!!

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