Crafty New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 & Reflections on 2011


Ah, New Year. A time that we all turn over new leaves…. losing weight stopping smoking… or, if you are a crafter, a time to look at projects past and come up with ideas for the new year.

I posted my Crafty Resolutions for 2011, and I thought I’d recap them with you- and also evaluate what ones I was successful at, and which fell FLAT.

  • 2011 Goal #1: Handmade, Everyday. I met this one about 90% of the time. I tried to wear, use, or make something by hand everyday. Some days that was using lotion & soaps made by local artists, some days it was wearing hand-crafted earrings, some day it was making in my studio. This was a subtle mindshift for me, too: I did a mental check when I got dressed, when I went to shopping, even when I made dinner! (I have some wonderful hand-made dish cloths, and YES, I chose to use those first!) Now Handmade, Everydayis part of my way of looking at life, and I’ll be continuing it in 2012.

    A plain tank that I upcycled and wore throughout the summer.

  • 2011 Goal #2: Journal Weekly: This was a little more difficult for me…there was a few months over the summer that I barely cracked my journal open. But I last fall I did participate in an online class (which I’ll be sharing soon) that DID jumpstart me! I’m averaging 2-3 times per week now, and hope to continue it.

    Getting comfortable with art journaling and learning new techniques.

  • 2011 Goal #3: Artitst Date Monthly: I think I might have made this goal by mistake! I didn’t plan too many artist dates, but if I count CHA, trips to my LSS for a fun class, lunches with my CBFF Vicki, I think I did get good replenishment time!


Crafty field trip to the Martha Stewart show. TWICE!

Not bad! Now, as I look toward 2012, I want to add some new goals to build on my good habits.

  • 2012 Goal #1: Use it up. (Daily.) Like many crafters, I have a stockpile of lovely paper, fabric, ribbons….and so much I just hold on to, waiting for the “perfect project.” I want to USE my lovely supplies, see them in great projects, and maybe even make room for some new stuff!  I’m going to kick-start this goal with a swap I’ve organized with a like-minded friend. We’re going to make a quilt block a week and swap them, so we’ll each have enough to make a bed quilt at the end of the year.
  • 2012 Goal #2: Spread some handmade joy.(Weekly) I love getting mail and little Random Acts of Kindness- it really transforms my day!  So this year, every week I’m going to take some time to send a homemade card, letter, ATC, or bag of ephemera to someone. I’m hoping to reconnect with friends, put some smiles on the faces of strangers, and feed the Karma Meter while I’m at it.
  • 2012 Goal #3: Make my own art. (Monthly) Somewhere last year, in working for clients, working on reviews, and generally being over-busy, I forgot that I need to make some art that tells my own stories. That’s the main reason I started crafting- because I had some stories to tell. I certainly need to make time to nurture my own art and honor my own stories…. and keep you all informed and entertained, too!

So there they are…. let’s get cracking! Feel free to share some of YOUR crafty resolutions for 2012 in the comments section!

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  1. says

    Those are great crafting goals.

    I’m alot like you in the way that I save my precious stuff for just the right project. My thought is what if I use it now and the “just the right project” comes along later? But recently I’ve started to think what if I’m not around for that “just the right project” (or what if this is the just the right time and project and I let it slip away) and my family has to deal with all of my precious stuff. I doubt they would think in it’s current state it is precious, but if they had things I’d made with it, they may think “my wife made this” or “my mother made this” or they’d give my creations away to people who thought “my friend made this”.

  2. jengd says

    Fabulous list! I’m definitely on the “use it up and make more” bandwagon this year.

  3. Lynn Collins says

    Hi Jenny!
    I finally got a chance to check out your blog…it’s fantastic!
    Please, if you get a moment, contact me regarding your music therapy background. After speaking with you in Indy at the Christmas party, I know my daughter would benefit from chatting with you.
    Thanks so much and I will definitely be checking your blog out frequently!
    Lynn Collins

  4. says

    Hi Jenny, I like #1 &#2 of your resolutions. I might adapt them as mine along with some others…needs careful considerations. I will post my resolutions coloser to NYE on my blog. I have not quite got my head around Christmas stuff yet. I have made some crafts and posted them on my blog, in the middle of 2 more projects for Christmas let alone food and decorating the house. I can’t even think of New Year stuff yet…You are super organized – you are defintely way ahead of me!

  5. says

    Michelle- judging from when you left this comment… this post was from New Years’ 2012. I’m still working on 2013!! Cheers!

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