Tie Dye Your Easter Eggs-Literally!


So here’s another brilliant use for old discarded ties…at least the 100% silk ones: use them to dye your Easter eggs. This fabulous step-by-step tutorial comes from Dollar Store Crafts (which may be my new favorite site!) by way of Martha Stewart.

The idea is SO simple you’ll want to cry with joy. Dismember a silk tie, wrap it around a RAW Egg, wrap another layer of fabric around THAT (like cheesecloth or muslin) and then wrap your little egg-bundle in twine, yarn, or rubber bands. Boil them in water with added vinegar (to help the transfer) just as you normally would….and when they are cool- VIOLA! Nifty eggs!

photo courtesy of DollarStoreCrafts.com

Check out their step-by-steps, and start rummaging through Dad’s closet…..

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4 Responses to “Tie Dye Your Easter Eggs-Literally!”

  1. michele Says:

    Love the idea. How cool. I like how all of the egg is not perfectly dyed and there’s white patches. Good way to get rid of all of Dad’s old ties. I know a few that I could use. Hmmm. I’ll have to plan a closet raid.

  2. Jen Says:

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for new ways to make Easter eggs. This will definitely liven things up a bit.

  3. TJ Says:

    I did those last year with my daughter and they turned out cool. If you’re looking for other ideas for Easter Eggs, check out this video:

  4. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    Guess I totally missed this post of your last year, but thanks for linking to me!! This was a fun project! xoxo

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