Cricut + Vinyl = Upcycled Bike Helmet


When you have a kid, there is a zone in which “cool” trumps “safe”- so when it was time to replace my son’s bike helmet, I KNEW it had better be cool, or else he just wouldn’t wear it. Sadly, the safest one was  plain white. (Lame-O!) So we had to jazz it up, STAT.

With my Cricut, 2 colors of vinyl, and my Indie Arts cart, we hooked that bad boy up and now it’s SAH-WEET!

Cut images from the vinyl at Speed=3 and Pressure=3

Clean the surface w/ Windex before adhering the vinyl stickers.

Now my boy will be "cool" AND safe.

So, you can take this idea many places. You can really “upcycle” hand-me-down bikes, helmets, etc, and the new owner will feel like it’s really been customized for him/her. Great for sprucing up yard-sale finds!

Any suggestions/comments? I’d love to hear from you!

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