Crafting with Candy Conversation Hearts


So, OK, I’m obviously on a kick here. But as I’m surfing around, I’m finding that there are lots of folks who are as obsessed with candy conversation hearts as I am!

Bingo with Conversation HeartsI ran across a blog: Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, who had two absolutely cute ideas for candy hearts! The first is making bingo game with them! You know, make a grid and put the sayings on the hearts in the squares. Then pull hearts and read them to cover up your squares.

How Craftastic is this???!!!???

She also suggests gluing the candy hearts to the outside of a glass votive candle to make cute little decorations. (I guess that’s better than eating all fo them!) I wonder if they hold up year to year?

Convrsation Heart Candles

Another Craftastic idea.

I found an Etsy artist by the handle of “Luaricsales” who embeds candy hearts in resin and makes pendants. That’s also a novel idea with the left-overs. Resin can be a little fussy, but even newbie crafters can be successful with it.

Candy Heart Topiaries Candy Heart TacksCarol from “In The Nest” blog came up with this idea for topiaries…. she’s go full instructions on her blog. Looks easy and cute!

Or how about making Candy Heart Tacks for your bulletin board? Found this step -by – step on

And, lastly, but not leastly, I have a YouTube vid for you about making a non-edible pretzel wreaths.

I think I need to go have a snack!

[youtube CtrfSLjWyUY]

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