Crafting an “AlterNation” with Knitgrrl

The fan-tabulous Shannon Okey!

The fan-tabulous Shannon Okey!

One of the perks of living in CLE + is that we’ve got some faboo indie artists/authors/crafters who make this an interesting place to live. One of the MOST interesting and talented is Shannon Okey, also known as Knitgrrl.

Shannon is an author, TV personality, knitwear designer, and world-class wisea$$, not necessarily in that order. She is also a self-described workaholic. Doubt it? Take a look at the list of books she’s either authored or edited:

She also runs Knitgrrl Studio where she teaches classes and sells her patterns, felted wool, spindles, and finished goods.  (And there may be some CraftTestDummies button-making classes and/or fusion fiber classes going on soon, too!)

Leave a comment for a chance to win!

Leave a comment for a chance to win!

When she’s not designing and teaching at her studio in Lakewood, Ohio, she is jet-setting around the country teaching and facilitating indie craft bazaars.  WHEW!

So, YES, I am a member of the @Knitgrrl fan club. Need one more reason? She’s given us a SIGNED copy of AlterNation to give away!

Want to win it? Here are the rules: leave a comment on this post with your New Year’s Resolution on it. I’ll draw a comment radomly on 12/30/09 by NOON EST. I’ll announce the winner via post and make contact via e-mail.

Alright, kiddos- leave your comment!

**NOTE: GIVEAWAY IS OVER! We drew a winner on 12/30/o9 and you can read the post here. Congrats, Dana!

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  1. says

    She is so accomplished!! Not only is she talented, she’s really a very nice person. I love her knitting patterns and I love that she’s here in Cleveland, too. We don’t get enough props!

  2. says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to finish moving into my new place (already three months ongoing) so that I have some space to be creative (instead of tripping over piles of stuff all the time). This is a huge undertaking, and may involve some significant purchases of furniture, as well of purging of unneeded stuff.

  3. Sarah says

    I feel like I know her despite never meeting her since I follow the whitty and informational tweets. My resolution is to take a class at Knitgrrl Studios and learn something from Shannon and not just be a craftstalker.

  4. Kelly Toncre says

    What a treasure to have another great artist in Northern Ohio! I’m looking forward to reading Shannon’s new book. My new years resolution is to finish my new studio!

  5. says

    LOL on Sarah’s use of “craftstalker”.

    My resolution is to stop spending so much time on Facebook games, find a new job (place I had worked at for 5 years closed down the office in our city two months ago) and try to do something crafty every day, be it large or small.

  6. Nicole Brimer says

    My New Year resolution….to stop wasting so much time on doing nothing but watching TV. Finish up all of my unfinish craft projects and run a half marathon before 2011 comes.

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