Crafting a New Year’s Resolution, part 3: Crafting Word Prompts for 2010


Finding a word to prompt creativity is no biggie in the writing community, but it’s an idea that seems to be gaining traction in the crafting world.

(Need a primer on word prompts?  Creativity-portal has a list of prompts and ideas on what to do with them.)

For artists/crafters/makers, the idea is being taken a bit further- choose a word that gives you guidance/inspiration and will be part of your New Year’s Resolution, but then also use it as a prompt for you crafting/art/making during the year.

I have to tell you, I’m in love with this idea. One word can be so powerful, so moving, and so inspiring…and then using it as a a springboard for what you create…well, the possibilities are infinite.

Some of my other creative friends have chosen “kindness”, and “ACTION!”. I’m going with…


Choose kindness, choose patience, choose tolerance, choose love, choose to speak, choose to be silent, choose to exercise, choose to rest, choose to eat healthy….for me it all comes down to making a CHOICE. Actively. Purposfully. Deliberatly.

So I’m choosing to use my word this year to it’s fullest potential, and create one thing a month that relates to my theme.

Do YOU have a word? Guidelines for your art-making? I’d love to hear what is inspiring and guiding you in 2010!

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