Craft Tool Review: Stamping Gear by Inkadinkado


I love stamping, and have quite the collection of both wood-mount and clear stamps. But after a while, you kind of get tired looking at the same images and get bored with them. But this new system – Stamping Gear by Inkadinkado from EK Success– will breath new life into your stamping. It’s got my mind literally spinning in new directions!

Here’s how it’s described on the website:

Let your creativity spiral into intricate, symmetrical designs with Inkadinkado’s Stamping Gear. Create endless patterns for cards and papercrafting, home décor, fashion and more. This Stamping Gear Intro Kit is designed especially to maximize the design potential of Stamping Gear with an easy starter collection of a cog, paddle and set of stamps!

To use, mount a stamp onto the Stamping Gear clear paddle, then stamp the image around the cog. A variety of illustrated techniques and helpful information is available in our downloadable General Tips and Techniques. Take your stamping to a new level with our unique Stamping Gear!

The Stamping Gear Intro Kit includes:
• Circle cog
• Clear paddle for mounting your stamps
• 4″ x 4″ sheet of 4 cling stamps

Let’s take a closer look in this video I made for you:


Here’s a closer look at the components:

The grid lines on the paddle make lining up your stamps a breeze! Wonderful design.

Stamping on the INSIDE of the circle gear. The notches in the gears help you create your designs accurately. VERY well thought-out.

Stamping on the outside of the same circle gear. You can easily create a pattern to fill a 12X12 sheet of paper!

The small circle creates a design similar to a doily or spirograph.

The system in very easy to use, and there is a nice foam on the underside of the gears so that it stays put while you are stamping around- I used a light pressure to hold the gear, and I didn’t see any shifting.


As I mentioned in the video above, I created a some cards from the sheet I created.

Here’s the full sheet- this image is about 12 inches across.

I made a number of cards- I love that pattern!

Did you know I regularly make a series of cards (3 or more) at a time? I wrote a post about the benefits of working in a series if you’d like to learn more about that.

I also made a 6X6 inch card using that terra cotta “doily” from above. Yes, that is a Spellbinders Cut, Fold, Tuck die in the middle as an embellishment.

So pretty!

One word- you will need to buy some cling foam if you’d like to use your own unmounted red rubber or clear stamps- so make sure you pick some up (or maybe use some spray baste and craft foam?) to create a buffer.

So here’s the deal- this system is FUN! And it’s kind of a fun surprise to see what patterns emerge as you stamp around. The price of the Deluxe Set is $49.95 and the starter set is $14.95 USD. The stamp sets are about 5 bucks for a set of four- which is pretty good. (But of course, there are some discounts on line and you can use coupons in the big box stores.) I think this will be fun to experiment with and create some new Operation Write Home cards!

Disclosure: Samples provided for review purposes.

If you’d like to purchase Stamping Gear products, please support CTD and use our affiliate links:


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  1. says

    Oh Jenny, I love these! I might have to pick one of these up. They are absolutely beautiful. I could see this stamping on fabric. Woo Wee!! Thanks for the great demo.

  2. Lisa V says

    I bought this after seeing your review. I have lots of stamps I can use with it. I love it! Just want people to know that clear stamps don’t work too good because they are too thin. You need the thicker cling mount stamps.

  3. says

    Lisa- I did mention that in my review. You can also buy some cling-mount foam (Stamper’s Best has it for pretty cheap) and adapt those stamps you want to use with the Stamping Gear. The good news is that they will still work the same with your acrylic blocks!

  4. Jolis says

    Great photos on this review. I have my own set and I LOVE it. I use it at least three times a week. It is sort of like Spirograph in that I can’t seem to stop once I’ve started. The final product is always a surprise and almost always lovely. I have added 4 layers of Tack N Peel (made by Tsukineko) to one of my blocks so I don’t have to use cling mount for my stamps and I also can easily use my clear stamps on it. That way, I have one block for foam mounted stamps and one for unmounted and clear stamps. BTW, you can get 2 layers for your block from one sheet of Tack N Peel, so you’d only need to purchase 2 of their 4×6 sheets for covering your block. Just a helpful hint for anyone out there who might want to use this with their clear/unmounted stamps.

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