Craft Tool Review: Simply Scored Board from Stampin’ Up


I had the chance to review the Stampin Up Simply Scored Board and the Stampin Up Simply Scored Diagonal Plate.  I have actually never used a scoring board before but paper is my favorite crafting medium.  The Simply Scored Board includes three markers, a stylus, and the board itself.  The Simply Score Diagonal Plate includes the plate and instructions for making a variety of envelope sizes.

The manufacturer’s website states the following for the board:

Take the chore out of scoring! The Simply Scored Scoring Tool’s base fits paper or card stock up to 12″ x 12″ and features score tracks every 1/8″. Features two easy-to-read rulers (with inch markings down to 1/8″) along top and left side for perfect scoring. (One standard left-to-right ruler and one zero center ruler.) Includes three markers and stylus. Bottom of base has nonmarking and nonskid feet to secure it on your work areach Base measures Approximately 15-1/8″ x 13-1/4″ x 1″. 

And some more information about the plate:

The Simply Scored Diagonal Plate is perfect for quickly creating handcrafted envelopes, boxes, and more! * Sits on top of the Simply Scored base * Held securely in place by rubber pads on the back of the plate * Has etched grooves every 1/8″ * Can score any size card stock up to 12″ x 12″ * Includes instructions for creating common envelope sizes.

I found the product extremely easy to use with very little learning curve.  Even though I had never used a scoring board before, I was making projects in no time.  The stylus fits into the grooves and scores your paper for easy folding.

I experimented first with both the straight board and the diagonal and both ends of the stylus.  I found the board easy to use and the score marks perfect for folding.  The markers make it easy to mark where you are going to fold so that you do not forget the location.  The is especially helpful if you are making multiple envelopes or other projects with the board.   I had a couple of issues with the board itself.  A couple of the non-skid feet actually came off of the board.  This would easily be fixed with a little glue but it is worth noting.  Also the hinged compartment for storage is rather flimsy and hard to use.  I have not broken it yet but I have been careful every time I have used the board.

For my first project, I used the instructions that came with the diagonal board to make an envelope.  The instructions are extremely easy to follow.  You score according to the directions.  Then cut away your excess paper.

Then fold to make an envelope.  The scoring makes all of your folds very crisp and professional looking.

All that is left is to glue your envelope, stuff, and mail.  This would be wonderful for making custom envelopes for wedding invitations, thank you cards, or any other card you want to make extra special.

I have been in love with the paper pinwheels that seen to be everywhere.  A scoring board makes these a breeze.  You can easily score a long strip of paper every 1/2 inch.  Then just glue the ends together and make a pinwheel (using glue to secure in the center).  I may have went a little wild making pinwheels.  I will be using these to decorate my home for summer soon.

I actually loved to just play with the scoring board and brain storming other ideas.  I toyed around with a box shape and came up with these small gift boxes.

Using card stock and your scoring board, it only takes a few minutes to make a mini gift box for that special gift.  I will have more about the gift boxes and pinwheels on The Country Chic Cottage in the next few weeks.

The Stampin Up Simply Scored Board retails for around $30.  The Stampin Up Diagonal Plate retails for around $12.  If you love paper crafting or need to make multiple envelopes or any other project, this is definitely a product you will want to invest in.

I was given the products above for free in exchange for my review.  All opinions and projects are my own.

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  1. Carmen Lucero says

    I was wondering about this scoring board from SU. I have the MS one and like it too. Your boxes came out pretty good! Thanks for sharing :)


    Carmen L

  2. says

    Its nice to hear how the tool works for someone who is new to scoring tools. I love mine but have used other boards before. I also love how your scored pinwheels turned out. I’ve seen them before but hadn’t seen the fussy cut flowers. Very cute!

  3. Martha says

    I like the looks and reviews of this brand but wonder if anyone knows of a comparison between it and the Martha Stewart scoring board. Thank you!


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