Craft Tool Review: Ebosser By Craftwell


Die cutting is still immensely popular in the crafting world for both fabric and paper crafters. And among the manual die cutting machines, only a few are electric- which means no cranking and hand fatigue. The newest of these “electrictronic manual” machines is the eBosser by Craftwell. eBosser by Craftwell review on


Here’s how it’s described on the website:

The new fully automatic and large format embossing & die cutting system.

The eBosser is universally compatible with most cutting dies & embossing folders! Use your favorite folders & dies or our large format embossing folders to create projects fast & easy!

Fully automatic Letter & A4 size cutting is now here. Easily cut or emboss materials up to 8.5 inches wide & 12 inches in length.

The eBosser is a one-step automatic embossing & die cutting system. Simply turn on & insert your folder or cutting die with our platform system. Designed with safety in mind, the eBosser is perfect for home, school & professional use.

The eBosser is able to cut through multiple layers of fabric in one pass. Spend less time cutting & more time creating! The strength of the eBosser does not stop there: cut or emboss leather, wood & metal with ease too!


Let’s take a closer look.

eBosser by Craftwell review on


It’s deceptively simple: just plug it in and turn it on. There is a sensor inside that starts the motor. NO BUTTONS TO HOLD DOWN!

eBosser by Craftwell review on

It has a small footprint- it’s 6.9H x 12.4W x 8.9D, and weighs about 15 lbs. There is an integrated handle for transporting.
eBosser by Craftwell review on

The back flap opens automatically when you feed the cutting/embossing sandwich through, and there is an added “foot” for stability. The cutting pads are 12 inches long, so you do need clearance on your table for it to emerge.

In the box, you get:

  • eBosser
  • Power Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • (1) Embossing/Cutting Platform
  • (3) Base Platforms
  • (1) Shim ( and I also got an embossing mat?? Not listed on the website, but it was in my box.)

eBosser by Craftwell review on

Included is a book that has all of your “recipes” for using all kinds of dies. Handy. eBosser by Craftwell review on

There are 3 embossing folders that come in the box, all 8.5X11 inches. I tested them on three different kinds of paper

shown below.

eBosser by Craftwell review on

I also tested the eBosser using a number of different dies, including the Spellbinders Grand Calibur dies (shown below.) They fit easily in the machine!!! Sizzix Sizzlets, Cuttlebug, and Sizzix BIGS dies all also work flawlessly.

eBosser by Craftwell review on CraftTestDummies.comBecause it’s just easier to show you, I also made you a video. You’ll see exactly how it works as well as samples of the embossing and different dies you can use with it.

I even cut a bit of “Phoomph” (fabric and interfacing) using a Sizzix die, and it cut through the thickness perfectly.

ebosser by craftwell


Now…want to know what happened when I fed in a sandwich that was too thick??

It spit it back out. 

No, really. I fed in the wrong sandwich on purpose (it was thin enough to go in, obviously) and when the machine sensed that it was too thick, it stopped feeding forward and reversed the motor- and fed it back out of the front.  WOW. I almost killed my Vagabond with a too-thick sandwich. It took 15 minutes for me to let the motor cool down, feed it out a bit, stop, let the motor cool down…well, you get the idea. The eBosser’s

So… want to know what I really think? It’s smaller than my Vagabond (by Sizzix), uses the dies that I bought for my Grand Calibur, and I love the hands-free operation. HANDS FREE, people!! The price point is not for the faint of heart- it retails for $199.99, but it will be available next week on HSN with a flex-pay option. You can also purchase it using our affiliate link below & support CTD!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review purposes.

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  1. irene says

    I have no experience with die cutting but am looking to get started
    Do you think this would be a good machine to begin with?

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    This seems amazing. I will wait a bit to get one though, since these things always seem to come down in price after a while. The fact that it’s so small and spits the sandwich out when it’s too thick are major factors in its favor though.

  3. Rebecca Bodine says

    This looks like the all-in-ione perfect machine. If you have this, you don’t need all the others. One question: Does it do the fat sizzic dies too? If it does, I think Ill get rid if sizzix and get this. What’s the cost?

  4. says

    WOW!!! I’m totally sold! Thank you for the video. I have really wanted an electric die cutter machine as my Cuttlebug hurts my hand after all the use I get out of it when crafting.

    I do have a question:
    How many passes can you do before the motor needs to cool off? I do a lot of assembly line card making and need several cuts of one die.

    I have been wanting to jump on the Vagabond bandwagon but really wanted to start using Grand Calibur dies and didn’t want three die cutters laying around (current Cuttlebug, Vagabond, and one for the GC dies). I was hoping for a larger Vagabond but this seems to be even better!

  5. says

    Jenny- that is an excellent question. It seems to me that for the motor heat to be an issue, you’d need to run it continuously- which would be challenging to do without multiple sets of cutting pads. Since I only have one set, I can’t really determine that for you.

    I have to say that I too am in love with the larger size and the tidy foot print. AND HANDS FREE!!! My finger got sore from holding down the button on the Vagabond. Good luck and have fun!

  6. says

    Becca- the price is $199 MSRP. And if you noticed on the video, the butterflies I cut were with the Sizzix Bigs dies. : )

  7. says

    Irene, this is a really big question. A lot depends on first determining if you want to use manual dies or go right to digital. (Space and cost are factors here- the Cricut Mini, for example, is only $99 and you’d never have to buy/store a single die or cartridge.) Secondly, what are you using it for? If you want to do fabric, then the eBosser is a great choice. (I find cutting fabric in the digital machines way too fussy.) Third is whether or not you’d like an electric machine or a crank one, and/or if you’d like it to be truly portable. You can get a simple Cuttlebug which will handle most dies(except “Grands” by Spellbinders), is lightweight and portable, and you can get them for under $60. The eBosser is pricier, but better for larger dies like the grands, and is perfect for production work like holiday cards. I hope this gives you some good food for thought and you’ll poke around the blog and look at other die-cutting machine reviews that will help you make a good decision. (I’ve reviewed the Cuttlebug, Spellbinders Grand Calibur, Cricut Expression/ Expression 2, Cricut Mini so far.) Let me know if there is another brand you are interested in, as well, and I’ll look into it for you! Hope this helps….good luck & best, -Jenny

  8. Anne V says

    Is there any company’s dies that it will not take? How about the Big Shot Pro dies? I have several machines, but will give them up for this one, for sure! The ability to cut /emboss wide format is a great thing!

  9. says

    thanks for the review jenny! i just bought a BIG SHOT… and i really love it, hopefully by the time i’m ready to upgrade to an electronic cutter, this one will be in stage 2 or 3 of development! thank you for the awesome review!

  10. Kathy Brotherhood says

    I am pleased everyone seems to love I expected to when I bought it I am afraid it is not there. It is great for embossing, love the size but so dissapointed at the problems I have had with die cutting. Will not cut felt using spellbinders and if they are at all intricate well you may as well forget it. I have since bought a Grand Calbur for my die cutting. I returned it to seller but they said had tested it and no problems. Well I disagree I’m afraid.

  11. says

    I was going to buy a Grand Caliber BUT after reading this review I think I am going to go with the Ebosser. I have the Cuttlebug, of course, but since this machine is portable and electric it will be easier on my hands. So excited!!

  12. says

    Kathy- so you didn’t buy this from Craftwell or a retailer directly?? I’ll check on the felt too. BTW- I have a Grand Calibur and it broke on me within 3 weeks. The gears are plastic and are not very durable- it was my 7 year old cranking when it broke! They did replace it for me, but my overall impression is that the Grand Calibur is just not a heavy-duty machine. Hopefully the Artisan X-Plorer will be a better solution for Spellbinders.

  13. Dee in NH says

    Ooooh! My dream machine!!! I will have to wait for Christmas but I definitely would love to have it!

  14. robin says

    i love my ebosser. BUT SOMETIMES THE SANDWICHES GET have to take a hammer and board to get the sandwich out. hit it from the back side to the front.machine is great just watch your sandwiches.

  15. says

    Robin- if your sandwiches are getting stuck, something tells me that you are not using the right combinations. I DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER USING A HAMMER ON YOUR EBOSSER OR PLATES. Please contact the customer service line at Craftwell to get some help!!!!

  16. Sarah says

    Wondering if Fiskar dies can be used in Ebosser. Any suggestions using these dies in Ebosser would be appreciated

  17. says

    SO! Sarah, I tried it out. And it went through. But it the die also got pretty embedded into the A plate. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. But you can use the Fuse dies in a Sizzix or a Vagabond.

  18. Beth says

    June 3, 2013

    I bought a Grand Caliber and have been pretty satisfied with it but I do notice that I often have to make several passes to get a clean cut, especially if it is one of the more intricate Spellbinders dies. That alone has me deciding that I NEED this machine! I love the fact that it is electric – no more cranking! Will definitely be purchasing this so.

  19. Terri says

    Will this accommodate the Big Shot Pro XL dies? The Pro machine is about $100 more than this one. I really like the Pro dies, but haven’t been willing to fork out the money for the Pro.

  20. Donna says

    The Big Shot Pro dies are 10 1/8 inches wide, so the eBosser won’t work for those.

  21. says

    have been looking to invest in my first die cutting machine, this seems to do it all, I make a lot of wooden hanging ornaments and was wondering if you could tell me anything about the manufacturers claim that it can cut and emboss wood? Would this be very thin chipboard? Thanks :)

  22. says

    My question: How does this machine rate for paper embossing? I saw the three types of paper used and did not feel that the embossing was crisp. Please, tell me I am incorrect and it is just what I see on the computer.

    Anything electric helps because of arthritis. thank you so much, Elvira Carpino

  23. says

    I made a mistake by not watching the video. The embossed paper was crisp and that is what maters. Looks as if I will be making a purchase. Thank you, Elvira

  24. Elvira Carpino says

    Thanks to you , I may be purchasing the EBOSSER sooner than later. I thought your review was very thorough. Thank you, Elvira

  25. Elvira Carpino says

    PS- if anything very negative pops up please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Elvira

  26. Connie says

    Which Craftwell item us better….the eBosser or the Cut’n’Boss? Is the Cut’n’Boss an improvement?

  27. says

    I don’t have the Cut N Boss, but I did watch the video on HSN. They say it’s faster and “more powerful”- but it seems like the same machine. I think they just re-tooled it so that it would be relaunched under the TC labeling.

  28. says

    Don’t touch the Cut n boss with a barge pole. It doesn’t cut through ANY die first time. Completely missing all cutting anywhere further in than 1cm from the edge!

    The normal lead they sent doesn’t fit the transformer, and when I say doesn’t fit, I mean, doesn’t stay in, at all. I had to find a Euro adapter that works in UK sockets to plug in the two pin plug instead. And now they won’t collect and refund my money.

    Proper pig in a poke and I will never purchase from Crafters Companion again. Rip Off Machine, rip off price, rubbish service.

  29. says

    Lin- I’m very sorry to hear of your poor experience. I’ve been using the US version of mine for over a year now and have had great results with it.

  30. LeeLarLou says

    As a British crafter, I was wondering if I would need to buy a US/UK adaptor but after reading Lin’s comment, I think that would be the case.

    Also, Would the machine cut Bigz L or Bigz XL dies as some or much longer than the A4 size platform? It was my lovely sympathetic husband who pointed this out… Having shelled out for a BigShot, Cricut Expression and a HappyCut (by Artemio and the same as a Joy Trouvaille but white in colour). So the big decider for me is being able to use my Bigz L & XL dies…

    In anticipation

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