Craft Tool Review: AdvantEdge Punch System by FISKARS


I’m here to tell you, punches have come a  LOOOONG way, baby! Punches are like the new die-cutting machine. They are more flexible, interchangable, and detailed then ever before. Now Fiskars have a new punching system called AdvantEdge, and it cuts both intricate borders and paper ribbons using papers up to 12 inches long.

All of the directions are actually printed right on the back of the box- that’s how simple it is.

Here’s how it’s described on the Fiskars website:

Our AdvantEdge™ Punch System lets you add a perfectly aligned border design to a project, then switch the punch cartridge to add a different border to your next scrapbook page or handmade card. The innovative design of our starter set includes slide-and-lock technology that lets you keep the paper in one place while the punch cartridge slides from one lock-in slot to the next for a perfectly aligned border. This helps eliminate mistakes that waste costly craft materials and causes reworks. Use our AdvantEdge™ Interchangeable Border Cartridges for 2.75″ border designs that are larger than any other border punch design on the market, or choose our standard Interchangeable Border Punches for smaller, more traditional border designs.

Now let’s take a closer look:

The starter package comes with the base and the Flower Garden paper ribbon punch cartridge.

Each punch cartridge is 4 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches deep. There are little feet that them them lock together when storing them, and there is even a little graphic of the design on the edge, so you can see it easily when it’s on your shelf.


Close-up of the magnetic strip that holds the paper securely in the system. It holds the paper very well & keeps it from shifting while you are punching.

Some of the cartridges will create detailed borders on your paper.

Some cartridges punch out paper ribbons- this butterfly one actually punches out TWO at the same time.

I thought I’d try it on a few different weights of paper, so I did a simple swatch test.

Swatch test!

Of course, the best way to show you how it works and share the features of the AdvantEdge Punch System is to show you in a video- so I make this one for you:

Did I mention that there are many cartridge styles available?

Of course, after making those intricate edges and paper ribbons, I couldn’t wait to make something fun. I’m still making cards for Operation Write Home, so I made a trio.

Close up of the flower garden paper ribbon. Wouldn’t you know I smudged my Pearl Pens! SHEESH! 

I’ve seen the starter kit online for $69.99, and the cartridges run about $33 each. That is a bit pricey, so I’d keep a lookout for sales and or chain stores that have 40% off coupons. I feel like if you are a die-hard scrapper/card-maker, though, that this price might be worth it over time.

What might you do with the AdvantEdge Punch System? Do you think it’s worth the cost? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes. 



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  1. Dee in NH says

    Ooooh, I really love some of these designs! I’m afraid the prices put it on my “wish” list but I could never spend that kind of money on it. They are beautiful though.

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    I already have the CM one which is really similar to this, but for someone who has been looking for something like this, I can tell you it’s a really neat kind of border punch system.

  3. Laura says

    Very very pretty, but too expensive. You can get similar looks from Martha Stewart punches that are “coupon friendly” at the chain craft stores.

  4. Rebecca Bodine says

    Definately thumbs up. This looks really fun! And in the long run economicaical, instead of buy tos decorative borders all the time. I can think of about a zillion ways to use these. Thanks.

  5. Wendy Lynch says

    Will be interesting to see if this will be a coupon friendly item. Most of the higher priced systems like this end up being excluded from coupon use at the major craft store chains. The punches look amazing. Where I live Martha Stewart is excluded from coupon use.

  6. says

    I received a starter kit from Fiskars at CHA and I just opened it and I love it. The cartridges are kind of pricey but with the right coupon you can stock up for a great price!! SO,I will be getting more cartridges and playing with my new punches(Oh, did I mention that I love Love Love punches?? ) : )

  7. CC says

    I just purchased this system and several cartridges at my local Joann’s store yesterday and it is truly a fantastic product. I’m visually impaired so lining up my punches can be very difficult and is always time consuming and this system takes all those problems away. It IS expensive, though and I’m not real thrilled with all of their designs, but Joann’s had a GREAT sale and I was able to use one of their additional percentage off coupons so I bit the bullet and bought it with hopes that it will be popular and Fiskars will come out with more and better cartridges. But, anyway, my purchase shows that they will accept coupons on both the starter system and the cartridges as some of your previous commenters had wondered. It appears to be considered just part of their punch inventory so was treated exactly the same when it came to the sale and coupon.

  8. says

    Elizabeth- I would recommend Googling it, since currency values fluctuate. You also may be able to find local vendors. Good luck! -J

  9. Wendy says

    I just got this punch system on clearance at Michaels for $14.99+ tax. I even found an extra cartridge for $8.99! Beautiful borders at a fantastic price!

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