Craft Test Dummies 4th Blogiversary & Giveaway!


I can’ tell whether it feels a lot longer than four years, or much shorter- but there it is: FOUR YEARS OF CRAFT TEST DUMMIES!!!  Back when I wrote my first post on January 6, 2008, I knew that I wanted to write honest reviews, share some tutorials, and really test myself in creating a blog that was worth it’s salt. So, here I am, 4 years and 760 posts later.

I’m so humbled and grateful to be where I am right now- I’ve got 4 AMAZING contributors (shout-outs to Vicki, Jen C, Haley, and Sara– make sure you check their blogs, too) and a fantastic readership. (Did you know that there are almost one thousand daily email subscribers?) There are a lot of cool folks checking in every day, and that only inspires me to write MORE tutorials, BETTER reviews and FUNNER articles. (Oh, heck, you know what I mean!)

I thought y’all might be interested in the top four posts of all time:

Etched Portion Control Wine Glass

Twirled Paper Kit Book Review

New Cricut Expression 2

Bic Mark It Tin Ornaments

….and my post on how to make Recycled Tie Bags came in a close 5th!

So where is CTD heading now? Well, I can tell you that we are going to continue covering craft trends at CHA, crank out quality product reviews, and add some extra posts each week. I’m also actively working on boosting video content, and I’m hoping to have some interactive web-based events planned later this year. You’ll also notice that I’ve added some affiliate-marketing links in hopes that it makes it easier for you to locate products of interest (while helping me pay the bills!).  Overall, however, my goal remains unchanged: to provide fellow crafters with ideas, inspiration, and the information necessary to be a savvy consumer.

Now about that giveaway…

On February 2, (in four weeks) I’ll be pulling 4 names from my list of email subscribers to win FOUR COOL PRIZES!

Wanna know what they are?

Sew Easy starter pack from!

Prize #1: has offered to give away a Sew Easy starter pack- an easy way to add stitching elements to your paper projects!

Picture Keeper automatically backs up all your photos!

Prize #2:  I’ve got a Picture Keeper for a lucky winner, too- you can just plug it in to your computer and it will back up all of your files!

Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid and stencil brushes!

For prize #3, we’ve got a 12-piece set of Martha Stewart Pearl Paints and Stencil brushes! You can use this paint on any surface- wood, glass, terra cotta- it’s amazing!

THIS JUST IN: 1/26- Elmer’s Crafters is contributing a prize package worth $60!!!



Yup- I’ll send you the very Cricut E2 that I reviewed….and that is one of my top posts ever! PLUS I’ll include an EXCLUSIVE Cricut Circle cartridge:

Exclusive Cricut Circle Cart- Cricut Everyday!

Ok- I know by now you are all chomping at the bit, wanting to know how to enter! Well, it’s simple- just sign up for the CraftTestDummies Daily e-mail! It’s easy- just click that link or use the “Subscribe” box in the top right column on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll get an email from CTD (via Feedburner) asking your to confirm your subscription–be sure to click and confirm in order to be entered.  THAT’S IT! I’ll pick the winners on Saturday, February 4th, from my email list and announce them on CTD.

So what are you waiting for? Go subscribe to The Craft Test Dummies Daily Email now!

And I promise, I don’t sell my list, and I don’t “spam.”  When you subscribe, you’ll get a daily email when there’s a new post on CTD.  And that’s a good thing, right?  That way you won’t miss a single review, tutorial, or giveaway!

Of course, if you’d like to leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Standard Giveaway (Sweepstakes) Mumbo-Jumbo:

  1. No purchase is necessary.
  2. Odds of winning are based on number of entries.
  3. This giveaway begins: 1/6/2012  and ends: 2/4/2012
  4. Winners will be chosen from the current email subscribers.
  5. Winners will be notified via email that they have won and have 7 calendar days to respond to verify winning. If winners do not respond to that email, they will forfeit the prize.
  6. You must be a US resident aged 18 years or older and live in the Contiguous US for be eligible to win. Sorry, my international friends!

Thanks for a great “First Four Years!”

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  1. jengd says

    First, congrats! Second, my wine portion needs to be MUCH larger than that! 😉 And third, wowzers!! Thanks for the chance – such great prizes!

  2. Tanya Phenis says

    Congrats on 4 years. Wow!! 762 posts!! Keep up the great work! Love what you do for all of us who visit Craft Test Dummies!!

    Thank you :)

  3. Joyce Partipilo says

    And 4 years is only the begining! I learn so much here, please keep it up for another 4 then 4 more :) Any way congrats!

  4. Cara says

    New to crafting, and recently found you Twitter. I love your site! Congrats on 4 years, and thank for the awesome chance to win these great prizes!

  5. says

    Congrats on 4 years!! I love how you try to keep design type teams honest (I remember the whole debate thing over on your fb!) Congrats again, and here’s to atleast 4 more years :)


  6. Angela Runkel says

    Just discovered you yesterday when searching for alternatives to washi tape. I learned alot and love your energy and personality. You just got another subscriber! Thanks for all you do!

  7. Brooke Bumgardner says

    Congrats on 4 years! Love seeing your tutorials/posts/reviews in my inbox. Looking forward to many more years of e-mails :]

  8. Dana Powers says

    WOW just found your site and love what I am seeing. Can’t wait to explore everything here. Also love the chance to win the Expression 2.

  9. Janet Barnett says

    Happy Blogiversary! 4 years flew by because you love what you do and your readers love that you do it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  10. Ellen Pool says

    Congrats on your Blogaversary! 😉 I hope to have one of those someday (a 4 year one..goal is to get it started this coming year!) 😉

  11. Susan B says

    Congrats on 4 years! I truly enjoy the content I have come across since I have started reading your blog site. Just reading your facebook posts is sometimes all it takes to get me motivated! You are a blessing! Also, thanks for the chance to win this time and throughout the year!

  12. Laura in 'bama says

    Congrats!!! 4 years is a long time on the ‘net! I only fairly recently found you via Mod Podge Rocks and have enjoyed reading all your reviews!

  13. Dee in N.H. says

    Congrats on the first 4 years!! And here’s a toast to the next 4!! Love your honest and insightful reviews!

  14. Amyscats says

    Super congrats on your 4-year anniversary – I have been enjoying your daily newsletter for the past year. Thanks for all your honesty and insights – and for trying everything at least 4 different ways so I don’t have to!!

  15. Cathy Byrd says

    Congratulations! And thank you for the opportunity to win :)
    WOW those are really nice prizes 😉 I’m new to the blog – but have been enjoying everyone’s sites. I am amazed though – how do you find the time? I think everyone is drinking excess caffeine and not sleeping.
    I am surely going to sign up for your e-mail.
    Cathy Byrd

  16. debi engle says

    First time on your site….now an email subscriber….thanks for the giveaway, I’m off to view your site..

  17. Ginny K. says

    Congrats on 4 years. i am a newly subscribed viewer and so far love everything i have seen. your blog has helped me in deciding about some major purchases and I thank you. I have very little money to spend on craft items and I like to make them count! Keep up the good work! And thanks for the chance to win prizes, always a good thing! ~gin~

  18. Barbara Clark says

    So new to all this. Loving your blogs and ideas. Still trying to absorb it all.

  19. maria soto says

    thanks for the chances to win some great stuff – I’m glad you do what you do, it helps us out to find out about products before we purchase them – I just got one of the shimmers and can’t wait to try it out! I heard about it here first!!! thanks again for all the work you do – it def makes our work much easier and lot more fun!

  20. says

    Love your blog!!! You have inspired me soooo much! Love what you do, and thank you so much for the opportunity to win such AWESOME prizes!! Happy Blogiversary!

  21. Sheryl says

    YIPEE ..Congrats on 4 years!I love blogs,site,ideas ..I can’t wait to come here everyday and now that when I leave that day I have learned something new ..Thank you for all that you do ..

  22. Sheryl says

    Happy Anniversary on 4 years YAHOO way to go .. You are giving away some awesome prizes..Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. Christine Gant says

    Congratulations! I love your blog. Those are some great prizes… I’m crossing my fingers!

  24. Julie Shearer says

    Congrats !!! 4 Years and going strong !! The prizes are so great thanks for a chance to win. I signed up for your newsletter. Thanks again, Julie

  25. says

    I made it less than a year with my blog – it took so much time ! Conggrats and thanks to you for all you’ve done. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future !

  26. Carmen Lucero says

    What an awesome giveaway, thanks so much and congratulations on four years of blogging! Love to see you on facebook.

    Thanks to all the sponsors!!

    Carmen L

  27. says

    Wow what an awesome anniversary giveaway. There are gonna be some happy happy crafters!

    Great job on your 4th year!

  28. Ginny K. says

    Congrats on 4 years! I love your reviews and base my craft purchases on them. Thanks for reviewing products so that we don’t have to and we can have that knowledge in order to make better buying decisions! I love your site! ~gin~