Valentine’s Craft: Lego MiniFig Soaps (for boys and geeks)


Yes, friends, the Valentine’s season is upon us, and it’s time to find some non-caloric ways to say “I Love You.” (Just like Fred Rodgers used to say! Well, sorta. ) So this year, since Legos are all the rage at my house, I figured that some nice Mini Figs would be a great gift. But why just GIVE the Minis when you can encourage good hygiene, too?

To make these yourself, you’ll need:

  • Lego Mini Figs or other small toys
  • clear glycerine soap base
  • soap molds
  • small rhinestone hearts (for children over 3, please)
  • microwave-safe measuring cup or bowl
  • fragrance, if desired

Making them is super simple. Following the directions on the package, melt some soap base and add fragrance. Place your Mini Fig or toy face-down in the mold.

Add your melted soap slowly. The Mini Figs will float! PS- I found that the flat soap molds worked MUCH better then the domed ones- you could see they toys much better.

Add your rhinestones, too. (For kids 4 and up.) By the way, the like to sink. Fill up the mold.

The view from underneath.

If you want to see how it looks, please DO NOT lift if over your head to peek!! The hot soap can leak and burn your face a bit. (Ask me how I know!) Instead, place a hand mirror on the table and gently lift your mold over it to see.

In this sample, I used a lightly-pink tinted soap to add a final layer. I found that it didn’t work as well as just using all clear soap. I thought you might like to see it, though.

Place your soap mold in a cool place to let it cool off for an hour or so. Just before de-molding, pop it into the freezer for a few minutes. I comes out super-easy then.

Now I just have to think up a cute saying an wrap these up with baker’s twine to put in the kid’s Valentine’s packages. How about, “You’ll never Lego my heart??”

If you need to purchase items to make this craft, I hope you’ll consider using my affiliate links:

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  1. says

    I’m laughing at myself due to the title of the post. I don’t have young children anymore (mine are teens) and I didn realize the fig meant figurine. I was thinking figs lol

  2. workspace says

    good idea but stating “for boys” when discussing legos in this day and age is surprisingly retrograde

  3. says

    Workspace- it was search engine purposes. There are a lot of searches for “valentine’s for boys” and we wanted to catch that traffic. Not sexist, just good Googling. :)


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