Spooky Spider Egg Sac & Frankenstein Lanterns


This project is so cool- it’s sad that I can’t claim credit for it! I saw the “original” online from Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza.  I knew that ConsumerCrafts.com sold these awesome battery-operated lanterns, so I was inspired to make my own version and share it with you!

Click the picture to see the original by Cathie & Steve.

To make MY version, you’ll need:http://www.craftsunleashed.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

I was kind of going for a spooky spider egg-sac look…. so a wrapped the gauze around the lantern, using hot glue to hold in in place…and then I just hooked the plastic spiders on the webbing. (PS- the green ones glow in the dark!)

And at night, we can turn on the lantern (it requires 2 AAA batteries) and add to the effect. I can’t wait to string up the rest of the webbing to complete the look!

Well, those battery-operated gems come two in a pack, and I got inspired! This time, I made a Frankenstein lantern to sit on the mantel!

This guy is SUPER easy to make. You’ll need:

It’s so easy- just insert the metal brace into the paper lantern to give it shape. Then spray a light coat of Simply Spray all over. Try not to soak it too much- you don’t want to rip the paper. Let it dry completely.

Then add a couple of light coats of green Glitter Spray…. after all, we want Frankenstein to be a little fancy, right? Again, let that dry overnight.

Now add the “hair.” Using a fairly dry brush and light, quick strokes, brush downward from the top and make the hair. Also paint the top bit.

Add circles for eyes, and a zig-zag for the mouth. A little dot of white will make the face complete!

Let it dry, then you’ve got a fun decoration for your party.And because it lights up, it’s perfect to put on your porch for All Hallow’s Eve!

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3 Responses to “Spooky Spider Egg Sac & Frankenstein Lanterns”

  1. Heather Says:

    Those spiders look creepy…I love the lantern design…

  2. Carelys - Party Artist Says:

    Hi Jenny, I have been readingyour blog and I love it. I really like crafts and do as many as I can! I like this lamp and wil try it this halloween. I also saw something similar with a carved pumpkin, you stick the spiders coming out its mouth. it is gross! which I guess is the idea :). I also wanted to invite you to share some of your crafts in my relatively new Arts and Crafts Weekend Blog Hop.Happy crafting!

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