Upcycling Project Featuring Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid Crafts


Wow! What a week! This weekend I got my Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid (available exclusively at Michael’s, by the way) and I got to business testing them out.

By now, I hope you’ve read my overview of the Martha Stewart Paints as well as the review of tools and accessories that I received. Now it’s time for the fun part- making something!

I can’t tell you how I agonized over which to make- some fun witch shoes for Halloween or to upcycle a wooden chest. So how about today I share the chest, and we’ll do the shoes in a week or so, OK?

So I started off with this worse-for-the-wear wooden chest. (Maybe from Ikea? It was a hand-me-down from a friend.)

Next was to give the outside of the cabinet a nice base coat of paint, and for this I decided to use the Spray Paint kit. I used Satin paint for this. (PS-I’ll be doing a whole review on the spray paint kit soon.) I mixed up the paint with the satin medium, and started to spray away.

The cabinet was unprimed, so the paint sunk in quite a bit and two took coats.

Then I pulled out my Satin and High Gloss Paints, stencil brushes, foam pouncers, and stencils and set about decorating. I used some fern and butterfly stencils on the side.

To paint the front, I decided to tape all of the drawers together and treat it like one big surface. (A little painter’s tape helped with that.)

Then I got to stenciling the top. Some branches & a bird…

And then I popped on a Fine Line Top and added 3-d accents using the High Gloss paints.

Then I got on a roll- so I used the Liquid Gilding in Bronze to edge the sides of the cabinet and the exposed edges of the drawers.

After a few hours drying time, I put the drawers back in-it was like putting together a puzzle- and voila! It was done!

There it is! I hope you are inspired to upcycle something around YOUR house.


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  1. says

    Jenny-This project turned out great! Genius to tape the drawers together to treat them as one surface!
    I love Martha’s writing tips!

  2. says

    Thanks, Gail! I knew I wanted the front to “read” as one piece, it took me a minute to realize that taping it was the solution!

  3. Linn Rivera says

    i love the cabinet and came out really cute and it looked like fun to boot. i really liking that high gloss paint you used on the 3D so kewl thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Amyscats says

    This goes on my “want” list, and when I’m working again, I can’t wait to try it out! Saw her demo the spray paint on HSN, just amazing. Your project turned out absolutely lovely!

  5. Carrie says

    Wow – great job. Those drawers were really blah and they are gorgeous. Can’t wait to try her paint.

  6. says

    What a transformation! Such pretty colors and the stencils are lovely. And those paint tips look like so much fun to use.

    My husband has a similar box that I am now eyeing (insert crafty laugh here).

  7. says

    Love that, it turned out so pretty! I just finished posting my his and hers tray tables using the pearl and satin paints. There’s such a great selection of stencils!

  8. says

    There is a whole section on Ikea Hack devoted to these cabinets & upcycling them- I just submitted mine, so I hope it’ll be added to the gallery!
    I really like the idea of using the wall paper to trace- but SHEESH, the work. Using my Martha Stewart Stencils was waaaaaaay easier.

  9. Joanne says

    Yeah apparently they get snarky in the comments section of that Ikea Hack site when you only paint something as opposed to ‘hacking’ it. they’re harsh. I read the comments a few years back

  10. says

    Funny- I was just there and there quite a few painted items, and no nasty comments. Maybe the moderator has changed.

  11. says

    This is so beautiful! I´m really into birds of any kind. Few years ago, I painted my MOPPE (it was supposed to be the storage for some photos) with some pastell yellow flowers. But decorating it with those 3d-glue is such a great idea!
    Thinking about re-activating this MOPPE out of my cellar… and start re-decorating! :-)
    Thanks for this inspiration!

  12. Bridget says

    This is beautiful! I love how the whole project turned out.

    Can I ask where you got the stencils for the branches? I’ve been looking for something similar and haven’t had success.

  13. says

    That is beautiful! And those drawers are the perfect size for my nail polish collection, but I can’t find either the Moppe or the Fira on the US Ikea site, only UK :(


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