Upcycling Project Featuring Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid Crafts


Wow! What a week! This weekend I got my Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid (available exclusively at Michael’s, by the way) and I got to business testing them out.

By now, I hope you’ve read my overview of the Martha Stewart Paints as well as the review of tools and accessories that I received. Now it’s time for the fun part- making something!

I can’t tell you how I agonized over which to make- some fun witch shoes for Halloween or to upcycle a wooden chest. So how about today I share the chest, and we’ll do the shoes in a week or so, OK?

So I started off with this worse-for-the-wear wooden chest. (Maybe from Ikea? It was a hand-me-down from a friend.)

Next was to give the outside of the cabinet a nice base coat of paint, and for this I decided to use the Spray Paint kit. I used Satin paint for this. (PS-I’ll be doing a whole review on the spray paint kit soon.) I mixed up the paint with the satin medium, and started to spray away.

The cabinet was unprimed, so the paint sunk in quite a bit and two took coats.

Then I pulled out my Satin and High Gloss Paints, stencil brushes, foam pouncers, and stencils and set about decorating. I used some fern and butterfly stencils on the side.

To paint the front, I decided to tape all of the drawers together and treat it like one big surface. (A little painter’s tape helped with that.)

Then I got to stenciling the top. Some branches & a bird…

And then I popped on a Fine Line Top and added 3-d accents using the High Gloss paints.

Then I got on a roll- so I used the Liquid Gilding in Bronze to edge the sides of the cabinet and the exposed edges of the drawers.

After a few hours drying time, I put the drawers back in-it was like putting together a puzzle- and voila! It was done!

There it is! I hope you are inspired to upcycle something around YOUR house.


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37 Responses to “Upcycling Project Featuring Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid Crafts”

  1. gail Says:

    Jenny-This project turned out great! Genius to tape the drawers together to treat them as one surface!
    I love Martha’s writing tips!

  2. jengd Says:

    Beautifully done! LOVE your choice to do the dimensional berries!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, Gail! I knew I wanted the front to “read” as one piece, it took me a minute to realize that taping it was the solution!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, Jen. I really love those tips & they worked beautifully!

  5. Diane@InMyOwnStyle Says:

    Hi Jenny-

    It came out great – I especially like Martha’s tools. The berries really make the drawers come to life.

    My best- Diane

  6. Linn Rivera Says:

    i love the cabinet and came out really cute and it looked like fun to boot. i really liking that high gloss paint you used on the 3D so kewl thanks for sharing it :)

  7. Carolina {Always Expect Moore} Says:

    I love it! There are so many layers of detail that make it come together – the base coat, the stenciling, the dots, and the gilding! Now it looks like a showpiece rather than a hand-me-down!

  8. Amanda @ Serenity Now Says:

    It turned out so nicely! You did a great job. I’m planning on working on mine today. :) Isn’t the MS line just amazing??! Visiting from Crafterminds.

  9. Michael at Blue Velvet Chair Says:

    Excellent! I have three of these IKEA drawer sets that are still sitting in their plain boring brown clothes. What great inspiration this was.

  10. Amyscats Says:

    This goes on my “want” list, and when I’m working again, I can’t wait to try it out! Saw her demo the spray paint on HSN, just amazing. Your project turned out absolutely lovely!

  11. Carrie Says:

    Wow – great job. Those drawers were really blah and they are gorgeous. Can’t wait to try her paint.

  12. Steph @ The Silly Pearl Says:

    What a transformation! Such pretty colors and the stencils are lovely. And those paint tips look like so much fun to use.

    My husband has a similar box that I am now eyeing (insert crafty laugh here).

  13. Cheryl Says:

    Love, love this! It is so pretty. I love the colors and the concept. Great transformation!

  14. breanna Says:

    it’s gorgeous!!

  15. Mod Podge Amy Says:

    Jenny, this looks great! Love the way you overlapped the branches with the drawers. Fun!

  16. Michelle Says:

    I got that bird stencil too! Love what you did with it. The 3D effect really adds! Thanks for a great idea.

  17. Kevin @ DIY Dork Says:

    That’s really cool! I was happy that puff paint was left back in the early 90s… but you made it modern again. Cool beans!

  18. Amanda Says:

    Love that, it turned out so pretty! I just finished posting my his and hers tray tables using the pearl and satin paints. There’s such a great selection of stencils!

  19. Jenny Says:

    Thanks so much, Amanda! I can’t wait to take a look at it…..!

  20. Joanne Says:

    Hey :) nice work! I saw something similar to this last year, different technique, but it reminded me of it.

    same chest, birds as well, but a different look.


    cheers :)

  21. Jenny Says:

    There is a whole section on Ikea Hack devoted to these cabinets & upcycling them- I just submitted mine, so I hope it’ll be added to the gallery!
    I really like the idea of using the wall paper to trace- but SHEESH, the work. Using my Martha Stewart Stencils was waaaaaaay easier.

  22. Joanne Says:

    Yeah apparently they get snarky in the comments section of that Ikea Hack site when you only paint something as opposed to ‘hacking’ it. they’re harsh. I read the comments a few years back

  23. Jenny Says:

    Funny- I was just there and there quite a few painted items, and no nasty comments. Maybe the moderator has changed.

  24. Lee Says:

    wow–what a difference!!

  25. Judith K. Says:

    This is so beautiful! I´m really into birds of any kind. Few years ago, I painted my MOPPE (it was supposed to be the storage for some photos) with some pastell yellow flowers. But decorating it with those 3d-glue is such a great idea!
    Thinking about re-activating this MOPPE out of my cellar… and start re-decorating! :-)
    Thanks for this inspiration!

  26. Bridget Says:

    This is beautiful! I love how the whole project turned out.

    Can I ask where you got the stencils for the branches? I’ve been looking for something similar and haven’t had success.

  27. Jenny Says:

    Those are Martha Stewart stencils from the line by Plaid… You can find them at Michael’s.

  28. Kimberly Says:

    That is beautiful! And those drawers are the perfect size for my nail polish collection, but I can’t find either the Moppe or the Fira on the US Ikea site, only UK :(

  29. Michele Says:

    I can’t wait to try these paints! Your chest turned out just darling!

  30. The 5 Dreamcatchers Says:

    In looooove!!!

    I picked your idea in my post “Ikea Hacks”, I hope you visit and like it!

    Thanks, Xx


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