Recycle Craft: Fabric Flowers from Dress Maker’s Scraps


Here’s a tutorial I wrote from as part of their design team- but since it’s Earth month, I thought I’d share it here as part of my #GoGreen theme. Most of the materials can be found on

I love to be able to recycle- it means I can stretch my money and save more for my craft shopping! Well, this handy-dandy flower is made from recycled silk or taffeta (I got mine from a relative who sews prom gowns) but you could just as easily rip up an old dress or  shred one of hubby’s shirts to make yours.

You’ll need:

  • strips of cotton or silk fabric, 2-3 inches wide and at least 12-16 inches long
  • stiffened felt
  • Cuttlebug and Nestabilities dies- optional
  • scissors
  • Jewels (optional)
  • hot glue gun & sticks
I love this color palette of blues and greens.I love this color palette of blues and greens.

I don’t like to cut with scissors, so I start by ripping strips of fabric- plus, i like the raw, thready edges. But you could use scissors, a rotary cutter, or even pinking shears to get different looks. Experiment! Then cut some circles (or flower shapes) from your felt. I made a number of 2-4 inch shapes with my Cuttlebug because it’s so fast and easy, and the Nestabilities cut the stiffened felt beautifully. I like the stiff felt because it makes such a nice base for your flowers!

Start by gluing your jewel or rhinestone into the center of your felt circle. (I think these ones by Darice are amazing!) Next, trim the end of your fabric strip at an angle.

DSC_3489Next, place a dab of hot glue next to the jewel and press the point of the fabric strip into it. Let it cool and set up a bit. When it’s secure, start twisting the strip. Add a dab of glue every quarter inch or so, and press the twisted fabric into the glue.


DSC_3492Continue until the felt is completely covered. To secure the ends, just flip the flower over, trim the excess, and glue the ends down on the back:

DSC_3493Ta-Da! You’re done! These are so fun and easy, you can whip up quite a few in an hour. Use them to embellish purses, totes, headbands- even guest books and jewelry. Stay tuned, I’ll have some projects coming up using these!


I decided to make a mass of these, and turn it into a personalized guest book. Here’s how it turned out:To find the full tutorial, check out my post on


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7 Responses to “Recycle Craft: Fabric Flowers from Dress Maker’s Scraps”

  1. Donna Russ Says:

    I just loved the flowers, I am sure gonna use them Thanks very much.

  2. Nicole Drozd Says:

    Thanks. This looks so easy and pretty.

  3. Hanne Says:

    I’ve done something similar with ribbons, but never with scrap fabric. What a great idea!

  4. Renee J. Says:

    This looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor Says:

    Great project Jenny! The gems add a little somethin’ somethin’ to them!

  6. Stazzi Says:

    Very cool! A friend’s mom just gave me an old lace table cloth and I’ve been thinking of making flowers with it. I believe I will add this type as well. Great idea, thanks!!

  7. Renee J. Says:

    I love this flower!! It is soooo cute!! Great tutorial, too!!

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