Recycle Craft: Fabric Corsage


I loved reviewing the Clover Flower Frill Template, and it kind of got my creative juices flowing. I started thinking of all the ways I could use the template to upcycle and recycle fabric to make chic, fun hair pins and fabric corsages. I thought I’d share my technique with you, so you can try it, too.fabric corsage- made with recycled fabric & upcycled brooches::

You’ll need:

So, just to recap, I used the template to make my flower petals. If you don’t have one, you can use the same folding pattern as you would for cutting snowflakes! Cut a loose circle and fold it like this (except skip the last part!):

You’ll run a needle & thread through the point to hold the folds together.

One petal down, 25 more to go!

Wax some thread and start stringing your petals on. Since I’m using the large template here, I needed about 25 petals to make it full.

Once they are all threaded on, tie a knot joining the tail into a tight circle.

Then, repeat this process with a smaller template. I went with a different fabric, too, to add some interest. I used a medium Frill Template and made about 15 petals and tied the ends together. Then I added a second layer with the small Template of 10 petals. Then I sewed the smaller layer on top of the larger one.

Start fluffing out your petals!

Then, fluff out your petals- the frill will start to have some real volume. Now, the next part is a little counter-intuitive, but I want you to smash your frill. You want to create a flat bottom so you can glue on a felt base:

Use Fabri-tac to glue the felt base onto your frill.

Let this dry thoroughly. Then add your brooch. Separate the frills down a bit to make a little nest for your bling!

Smash it down a bit to made space for your brooch.

I like using the old brooches because I can swap them out!

If it’s a pin, I suggest pinning it through some of the petals. But if you’ve got an earring or something broken, you can glue it in place. Or sew it down. Whatever.

Lastly, add you pin to the back. Because I like this combo clip/pin backs by Mark Richards, I glue it on with some E-6000.

For this other variation, I used a medium Frill Template and made about 15 petals and tied the ends together. Then I added a second layer with the small Template of 10 petals. Then I sewed the smaller layer on top of the larger one, then attached to the felt base.

Sorry- cell phone photo! ; )

So, I love these and am planning on making more. The pink one even made it on my lapel during my visit to The Martha Stewart Show!

Where will you wear yours?


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13 Responses to “Recycle Craft: Fabric Corsage”

  1. Dawnll Says:

    These are fab! Love the colors and how beautiful on a lapel

  2. Candie Cooper Says:

    So sweet, Jenny! And they match Martha’s tissue paper ones hanging in the background! Good job!! :)

  3. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, Candie! That was just a happy accident…but I did feel that I looked right at home on set….just sayin’! LOL!

  4. Carmen Says:

    Oooh! Very pretty and clever!

  5. Vicki O'Dell Says:

    Yup. I STILL love it!

    Thanks for joining us at the Blog County Fair!! :)

  6. Beth Watson Says:

    Love this silk flower with the vintage brooch center! I am going to have to try this!

  7. Nubia Says:

    Love this! Looks relatively easy to make too. I’m going to have to give this a shot!


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