Clay Extruder Comparison on Polymer Clay Tutor


From PolymerClayTutor Cindy Lietz!

One of the things I love about the world of crafters is that there is SO MUCH good information out there! Recently I came across a great video comparison of the Walnut Hollow polymer clay extruder and one that is manufactured by Makin’s.

I actually have the Makin’s one and LOVE it- but isn’t it great to know that Cindy Lietz has compared the two for us? You can see her whole post here, but all of the pertinent information is contained in the video below.

Make sure you subscribe to Cindy’s channel if you love polymer clay- she’s chock full of good tutorials and information!

Just seeing the extruders at work makes me want to get out my polymer clay supplies again. Do you clay around? Leave me a comment!

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    Thanks Jenny for the blog mention! I am glad that you found the review helpful! I will be doing a couple follow up videos at some point, on cleaning the extruders and using a vice to hold them. Love all the work you do for the crafting community!

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