Mokume Gane Wire-Wrapped Pendant by Eva


I’ve been making Mokume Gane pendants and beads, and my dear friend Eva (who owns Grand River Beads in Rocky River, Ohio) used one of my beads to wire-wrap for a group she’s in. Her group, Creative Wire Forum, is doing a “piece a week” project, encouraging members to make-yup, you guessed it- one piece of wire jewelry per week, often offering prompts or suggestions to spur creativity.

Anyway, Eva posted this piece she made…and I’m so proud she used one of my beads for her project. Pretty swell, huh??

My Bead, Evas Wire Artistry!

My Bead, Eva's Wire Artistry!

It’s also food for thought- there are plenty of art groups out there on the web that provide you with some support and inspiration!

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