How-To: Luggage Accessories Using Recycled Neckties


It’s no secret- I love recycle/”green” crafts. There’s something about taking something that is headed for the garbage or donation bin and then transforming it into a new, useful or beautiful object. Today’s tutorial is both useful AND  beautiful- we’re going to make luggage handle cozies and tags from old neckties- the wilder the print, the better!

With these colorful accessories, you’ll never wonder, “Is that my luggage?” ever again!  Let’s get to it!

To make one set (a handle cozy and a luggage tag) , you’ll need:

  • one necktie
  • approximately t 6″ if hook-and-loop tape
  • approximately 12″ of ribbon, bias tape, or reflective tape for the luggage tag
  • 1 clear sheet protector or other clear, sewable vinyl
  • Other trims as desired

I found this amazingly colorful tie- SILK, mind you- at the thrift store. It spoke to me, so I bought it. I paid less than $1 for it.

To make the cozy, we’ll cut four 5.5-inch strips from the narrow end:

Stitch them together on your sewing machine by butting the edges together length-wise. I used a fancy stitch on my machine and a contrasting thread- just for fun!

When they are all joined, trim off the raw edges to be flush. It should measure about 4.75 inches.

Next, add some decorative trim- I like ric-rac- but use anything you like to decorate the “top.”

Now to add some hook-and-loop tape, and we’re done! To keep it neat, I sewed on a strip of loop tape flush with one of the raw edges.

Notice that I’m sewing on the “right” or TOP side of the cozy- the side you’ll see.

Next, add the hook part of the tape to the other side. But instead of making the edges even, you’ll overlap the raw edge of the cozy with the edge of the tape by only 1/8 inch. The tape will extend beyond the cozy.

Both parts of tape sewn on- front view.


Both parts of tape sewn on- back view. You can see how the hook tape extends over the edge.

Now, to make a nice, pretty finished edge, you wrap the extending tape over to the back side and securely stitch it down.

Now the cozy will wrap around your handle and be secure, with no hook-and-loop tape showing!


Colorful Recycled Necktie Luggage Handle Cozy!

But we’re only half-way done. Now to whip up a companion luggage tag with the wide part of the tie!

First, cut off about 9 inches worth of necktie.

Next, finish that raw edge with a satin stitch or some fold-over binding.  Along that same edge, create a button hole about 1/2 inch long smack-dab in the middle. Thus:

Yeah, button-hole stitch on my sewing machine!

Then, using your 12 length of ribbon or whatever, make a loop and stitch to the pointed end of the tie. To make the actual window, cut a piece of page protector just a bit larger than a business card. Stitch it down on 3 sides, leaving an opening to slip the business card in. Depending on the tie, you might need to place it horizonatally or vertically. Look at these examples:

Position the card window just below the button hole and stitch along 3 sides.

On this one, the tie was narrow so I place the window in vertically.

And you’re done! To close the tag, slip the loop through the button hole.

Safe and sound.

Back view. Does it need a monogram?

Then just use a Lark’s head knot to attach the tag to your luggage. Fun and functional!

My set- super colorful!

A set for the Mister- one of his ties from his days as a lawyer! Think he’ll recognize it?

Well, there you go. I made both sets in about an hour. Wouldn’t this make a great Father’s Day gift? And I bet Pops has some old ties lying around!

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10 Responses to “How-To: Luggage Accessories Using Recycled Neckties”

  1. Brandi Says:

    This is a great idea. My son travels every summer I’m always looking for unusual luggage tags.

  2. Lynda Says:

    Pretty neat! I have some great ties I bought at the thrift store and have been waiting for just the right project. Thanks.

  3. Zoe @ecothrifty Says:

    What a great idea! A great gift and a great way to reuse old unwanted ties!

  4. Rachel Sue Says:

    Love this idea! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Well, thank you Rachel! I’m glad you like it! If you include a link out, I’ll love you forever! : )


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