How-To: Lorax Loom-Knitted Hat

March 30, 2012

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I’m not sure even if I can really call this a “how-to” because it’s sooooooo easy. And I winged most of it. But here’s the story, anyway:

My kiddos and I have been planning to see The Lorax for quite some time. MUCH anticipation. So I decided to get crafty and make a Lorax hat to wear to the movie! (Yes, I’m THAT kind of a nerd.)

I started with some basic loom-knitting supplies: orange yarn I had in my stash, some fuzzy orange yarn, and a medium loom. But the “special sauce” ingredient was the Martha Stewart Quick and Cozy yarn from Lion Brand.

To make the hat, I cast on a double strand of regular and fuzzy orange yarns. I knit around and around and around until the tube got to be about 10 inches, and then I cast off by gathering up the yarn from the pegs with the tail of the yarn. Then I turned it inside out.

To add the Lorax eyebrows, I cut 4 inch lengths of the Martha Stewart Yarn and folded them in half. Then I applied them to the hat latch-hook style (that is, by making larks-head knots) in the general shape of an eyebrown. I think I used 5 pieces per eyebrow. I stitched on blue buttons for eyes.

To make the mustache, I kind of just free-formed crocheted it. I’ve never learned to crochet properly, so I can’t give you a pattern. But what I did was to start of with a chain of about 15 stitches and then work in single, double and treble crochet stitches to get the general shape. However, you could also just add the mustache the same way I added the eyebrows….and it would be a lot less bulky! I just tied the mustache on with matching yarn.

In the end, it looked like this:

It’s pretty “Lorax-y,” right?

Well, I liked it. And I wore it, too:

Yeah, I’m silly like that. And the kids wore it too- they had to take turns wearing it throughout the movie. But what is crafting for, if not to have a little fun??


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4 Responses to “How-To: Lorax Loom-Knitted Hat”

  1. Brandi Says:

    omg how cute. If my kids were little again they would love it.

  2. Precious Crafts Says:

    What a really fun project! đŸ˜€


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