Holiday Gift Tags featuring Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll Tape


Last week I shared my overview of the new dry adhesives from Aleene’s (ILoveToCreate) and one of my faves was Tacky Line Roll- fun on a roll, my friends! I was smitten with using it for glitter and foils..and you know how I am with Homemade Washi tape…so I designed these holiday tags using both of my favorite things!

To make them, you’ll need:

I have some old manilla folders to use up, but you can use white or ivory cardstock as a base. First, cut your base paper into approximately 4X6″ pieces. I chose this size because it worked will with the Sizzix die that I used. Using your washi or paper tape, create lines across the short width of you paper. Leave little gaps for the Tacky Line Roll Tape.

Purchased tapes on left, Home made Washi Tape on right.

Next, cut out your tags. If you are tracing by hand flip the cardstock over and trace on the back side. Or cut rectangles that are 2.25 by 4.75 inches. Do whatever is simplest!

Shapes cut with a die.

Then, position the Tacky Line Roll tape in your blank spaces. Because the backing plastic is clear, you can put it right where you want it. Trim off the ends with non-stick scissors.

Next, apply glitter or mylar-backed foils.

Here I'm using MS Iridescent Glitter.

Handy Tip: If you are using glitter, you can use your finger to burnish the glitter into the tape and it will get all smooth and metallic-looking!

After burnishing- super smooth and sparkly.

Lastly, add some stamping- you can add “to & from” or a sentiment. You can also add a quick mist of a glimmer spray to make it even more shimmery. It’s up to you! Just add a ribbon or some yarn and they are ready to go!

Fun and Festive Tags!

You can find the star of this project, Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll, at Michael’s Craft Stores or at as well as their other dry and wet adhesives.

Disclosure: sponsored post.

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6 Responses to “Holiday Gift Tags featuring Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll Tape”

  1. Debra - Naples, FL Says:

    Love this idea. I have an old cardboard dvd case that I use when I glitter. I place the card in the cardboard and run it thru my cuttlebug. It really helps the glitter stay put on the adhesive.

  2. Diana @ Collage Ideas Says:

    Thanks for the great idea of making my own gift tag this Christmas. It would add a personal touch on the gifts I would give my loved ones and friends this Christmas.

    – Diana

  3. Barbra@CollageIdeas Says:

    Super cute holiday gift tags. I am excited to try this one to personalized my gifts. Thank you for posting this stuff and give me the chance to create my own. Cheers!

  4. Steph @ The Silly Pearl Says:

    These are gorgeous! I would love to receive something like this!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Silly Pearl- I’ll send you one! ; ) Look for an email from me soon….

  6. DIY Blog Says:

    Wow, they look amazing. Gifts mean so much more when they’re personalised.

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