Craft Project: “Camp Cards”

July 16, 2011

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My kiddos are heading away to their first sleep-away camp, and I admit I’m a little worried that they’ll get homesick. So I’ve decided to give them a little bit of Mommy Love every day with a teeny card to open with a special message inside!

One for each day they wake up at camp!

I made mine using some pre-made 3X3 mini cards and envelopes by American Crafts- but you can use any kind or even make your own. The fun of  making them is that you can use up little scraps from other projects, too. Some I painted, some have ribbon, some are stamped- all were fun and easy to make. Inside, I wrote a little message about making friends, enjoying the adventures they are having, and being loved- and missed. *snif*

Versions for both my son and daughter- made with leftover supplies from my Buttons Galore and More card projects!

I think from now one, I’ll keep a little stack of these cards handy and make mini-cards out of my project leftovers throughout the year so I’ll have them on hand. (PS- they’d make great little gift-cards, too.)

As their camp counselors hand out their “mail,” I hope my kids will feel loved and reassured. I know I feel better just making them!

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6 Responses to “Craft Project: “Camp Cards””

  1. Brooke Bumgardner Says:

    Those are so cute! Awesome ideas :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Debbie Says:

    great idea!

  3. Renee J. Says:

    This is such a wonderful idea, Jenny! The cards are so adorable, too!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks! So excited to hear how they liked them!

  5. Winnie Says:

    Such great cards. Love the use of the ribbons and fun colors. Perfect size for small hands too recieve and to be tucked into packages etc. Love the watercoloring too!


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