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I love buttons- both the functional, keep-your-sweater-closed variety, as well as purely decorative/design elements. Yup. Love buttons!

So, since it’s National Craft Month in March I thought I’d share a few resources with you!

Make a cute button-covered tote…I reposted it from Martha Stewart a while back. Great way to use up those funky buttons in the button jar and spruce up that boring market tote!

CraftStylish offers step-by-step instructions on making a button bracelet– you need shank buttons for this one.

How about ponytail holders? A cute idea and eeeee-zeeeee! Thanks you, KnotSewSmart for coming up with this one!

OH! And I just found out that Craftzine.com is having a giveaway for a book about vintage button crafts…so surf over and enter to win! (How timely is that???!!!!)

So there are three cute button ideas to get you started….I might even dig up a few more! In the meantime, go grab your button jar and get crafty!

….and there’s more buttony goodness at my post, “Button Crafts, Part Two!

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3 Responses to “Button Crafts”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I was wondering what to do with the 2000+ buttons I bought a couple of weeks ago :)

  2. Mallory Says:

    Since it is really close to Christmas, if you haven’t already given presents to people then hot glue buttons on the wrapping paper. The thought will really please people and once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take very long!!! Hope all goes well!


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