How-To: Braille Valentine’s Day Cards


Some of you may know that once-upon-a-time I was a Music Therapist, and back when I was a student in college I spent two summers working at Highbrook Lodge, a camp for the visually impaired. The wonderful training I received there has stuck with me my whole life, informing how I “see” the world and consider folks with visual impairments even today.

So this year I wanted to make some Braille Valentine’s Cards with a focus on texture!

Braille Valentine's Day Card from


I made you a little video, too:

And here’s an alphabet for you to use if you’d like to try this yourself!

braille alphabet

Now, if I remember correctly, the best colors to use for text are goldenrod yellow and black for best non-glare contrast. That might be a cool color combo for Valentine’s day cards, too.

Braille Valentine's Day Cards from

Do any of you have visually impaired family or friends that might enjoy a Braille Valentine’s Day card?  Don’t be afraid to try one out for your seeing friends, too! Texture and “inclusion” are cool, my crafty compadres.


UPDATE: I recently got this comment:

I think it’s great that you shared this idea, but as someone who is blind and looking for some inspiration on making tactile cards, I’m disappointed you didn’t include instruction for those of us who can’t follow the graphics and youtube clip.

Fair enough! Here are the written directions for the card:

  • Start with an A2 sized card. Emboss the front panel with a heart-pattered embossing folder, or a pattern f your choice.
  • Using a die or cutting freehand, create a heart shape (mine is actually a scalloped heart) using 3 mil adhesive glitter foam.
  • Add pearl dots in the scallops or outline the heart if you don’t.
  • To create the braille text area, cut a rectangle of corrugated cardstock about two by 4 inches.
  • Add your braille sentiment (i used “love” written in pearl pen”) or actually write the word “LOVE” in Pearl Pen. Either way, you have a glossy, raised text that adds texture.

    By my count that gives us 5 different textures! You could also use felt instead of the glitter foam or even add some ribbon by your sentiment block. Just have fun and think of all the fun you can also have with cork paper, vellum, and flocked paper. So many ways to add texture to a card that will delight the fingertips!


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13 Responses to “How-To: Braille Valentine’s Day Cards”

  1. Caroline B. Says:

    What a wonderful idea! I am an SLP and work in a Rehabilitation Centre, so I totally get your idea re: visual challenges and the importance of texture. Plus your cards are beautiful in any modality! Love the idea of using the pearl pen for the braille dots.

  2. Susie F Says:

    I don’t know anyone visually impaired, but this is such a lovely thing to do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Love this! Made me think about putting more textures into things I make for children too. Even though they can see, children love to touch, so all of the different textures will be great for them too! Thanks for reminding me that it isn’t all about what you see!

  4. Fancylooks Says:

    What a sweet idea, really nice and sweet both for those who can see and specially for the ones that can’t!

  5. Kim Says:

    Great cards and nice for people who can’t see. I actually liked the card in white.( very creative)

  6. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    HA!! I laughed when I read your intro…I was a music ed major in college and as part of my education I, with a partner, had to visit a school for the hearing and visually impaired. I met with the music teacher who was also blind and, like me, played piano. She transcribed her own music, and gave me one of those, a copy of a Chopin Etude, which I still have. I’ve been fascinated with Braille ever since. I love the idea of this Valentine. Thanks for the alphabet!

  7. Lin M. Says:

    Your cards are beautiful as well as the thought put into them. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jean Bullock Says:

    I have been thinking of doing this very thing for visually impaired folks. Great minds think alike. Great job.

  9. Kris Says:

    Not only is this a beautiful card, it’s a beautiful idea. Thank you, Jenny!

  10. Roxane Says:

    Thank you for the inspiring and beautiful post. This is awesome!

  11. Limo Says:

    I think it’s great that you shared this idea, but as someone who is blind and looking for some inspiration on making tactile cards, I’m disappointed you didn’t include instruction for those of us who can’t follow the graphics and youtube clip.

  12. Limo Says:

    Thank you, Jen! Much appreciated.


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