Book Review: 101+ Things to do with Glitter by Momtaz Begum-Hossain


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Sometimes glitter gets a bad reputation. Often referred to as “the herpes of the craft world,” once you let glitter into your life, it likes to stay forever. But who says that’s a bad thing? Glitter is bright, bold, funky, and easy to use, and Momtaz Begum-Hossain’s 101+ Things to do with Glitter offers a melange of projects, ideas, and tips that will make any reader a glitter expert by the last page.  I bet there’s even a project in this book that would appeal to CTD’s resident glitter-hater (I’m lookin’ at you, Haley)!

About 101+ Things to do with Glitter:

  • 216 Pages
  • 101 Projects
  • The MSRP is $24.95 USD, available on Amazon for $18.96
  • Includes a history of glitter, information on various types, resources for purchasing, techniques and lots of instructions.
  • Includes a section of templates for some of the projects in the book.
glitter, 101+ things to do with glitter, momtaz begum-hossain, craft test dummy, book

A little glitter history.

The book features a really wide range of projects, including a whole section devoted to edible glitter. Yes, edible glitter. While the majority of contributors are from the UK, there are projects from South Africa, Singapore, and the United States’ own queen of glitter, Kathy Cano-Murillo, the Crafty Chica. I like that the global community can come together for a good cause: sparkle!

glitter, momtaz begum-hossain, 101+ things to do with glitter, craft test dummy, book review

Truffles coated in edible glitter. Yum!

The design is a little busy (it is about glitter, after all!), with pinks and purples dominating backgrounds, but the instructions are clear, simple, and the variety of projects really sets it apart from themed books that can get repetitive. Glittered pasties, anyone?

momtaz begum-hossain, 101+ things to do with glitter, craft test dummy, glitter, book review, craft

Fairy Dust Necklace, one of the 101+ projects

Not all that glitters is gold: some projects are charming, and others are downright tacky (whether tacky in a good way or bad way depends on your taste and general disposition toward the sparkly stuff).


momtaz begum-hossain, 101+ things to do with glitter, polly conway, pollyannacowgirl, craft test dummy, book review

My own fairy dust necklace!

I love tiny things, so I was immediately drawn to the fairy dust necklace project! I have a special container of glitter that holds a mix of many leftover glitters from previous projects, including giant glitter flakes and German glass glitter (my absolute favorite glitter).

This book may not convert any glitter haters, but it’ll definitely give the lovers a ton of new ideas and ways to use their favorite craft supply.

A minor bummer: this is a UK book, so many of the resources listed in the back are not convenient to US readers looking to purchase glitter supplies. However, a bit of Googling should solve that problem.


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