Sharpie “Stained” Permanent Fabric Markers


I was so excited when I saw the Sharpie “Stained” fabric markers in my box ‘o stuff to review from Jenny!  I’m a bit of a Sharpie addict, to say the least.  I use them all of the time in my crafting and art journaling.  My husband even knows that if he sees the giant pack of Sharpies in a thousand different colors on sale at Costco, he better get it for me.  Sharpies are better than a dozen roses in this house.  Yes, I said it.

I was really inspired by the packaging of the markers.  It was doodle-crazy. Something that I totally love and identify with.  I honestly wasn’t about to try out a pair of shoes but found a cut little drink-cozy at a local craft store.  The brush tips are great because you really can get a fantastic, fine detail. If you want to color something in you can use the side of the marker to get more color on your surface.  I did notice that the markers did bleed a bit on this project.  To be honest, I would attribute it to a loose-knit weave and lower thread count of this particular fabric.  One great thing I found with these markers is that the colors are buildable. Meaning you can layer them and get a more intense color.  (See more examples farther down in post)

The first idea I had to use the Sharpie’s on was actually a project for my girls (ages five & six). At my local craft store I had previously seen special youth t-shirts to color in with fabric markers.  We picked out a Princess and Tinkerbell t-shirt and were on our merry way.  This ended up being a two day craft for the girls because there was so much coloring to do! (Great for those, “Mooooom, I’m bored” days!) The inks did not bleed out on the top of the fabric, as it did with the drink cozy above, but did bleed through the fabric to the other side when the girls got a tad overzealous with the markers.  I did have the foresight to put a small rectangle of cardboard inside of the shirt before they started coloring.

Before I let the girls wear their shirts, I washed them. I did a normal cycle, with other clothing, warm/cold water.  I also dried them on a medium-low heat.  I was extremely surprised to see that the colors had NOT faded in the least.  Really.  I was shocked.  I figured there would have been some color distortion but not at all.

I also did some scrap fabric tests.  Here is a piece of muslin that I did a simple line draw test on.  There wasn’t any bleeding and it barely went through the fabric on the other side.

Here is a peice of Claudine Hellmuth’s sticky-back canvas that I did another line test on:

I also did a three-layer color test on sticky-back canvas so that you could see how the colors intensified with each layer of ink you add to your project.

Although this is a fairly new product, I see the markers being offered online at Amazon for approximately $12.00 for an eight pack of markers. This to me is a great deal for what you’re getting.  The markers are just over a dollar a piece and I can justify this. You can also check your local office stores like Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, etc… as they may carry these markers, too. Their online sites do carry them. The price is a bit steeper, about $15-$20 for the pack of eight.  Some stores do offer a four-pack of the markers in basic colors (black, blue, red and green).  I would hunt around for the best deal if you were to purchase locally.  Twenty dollars seems a bit much to me (over two dollars for each marker)  for them you have a specific need for them and you honestly think you will use them on a regular basis.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Sharpie Stained fabric markers;  The colors are buildable in intensity, they have incredible fade-resistance, you can adjust the amount of detail or fill-in you want easily with the brush-tip, they are kid-friendly, and the best part, they open up the creativity doors when it comes to fabric crafting. I would eagerly anticipate any and more colors that Sharpie released of the Stained fabric markers in the future.

Would you like to win a set? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll pick a winner on Monday, Sept. 12th before 12Noon. We’ll announce the winner in a separate post, and the winner MUST comment on that post in order to claim their prize. PS- US residents only, please!

Leave your comment and good luck!

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78 Responses to “Sharpie “Stained” Permanent Fabric Markers”

  1. edie Says:

    these sound like fun – especially since I need to start making Christmas gifts!


  2. Kristi Says:

    Ohh, we love sharpies at this house also!

  3. CJ Says:

    Sharpies are better than roses. (-:

  4. michelle Says:

    you can never have too many sharpies…
    these look like fun!

  5. Amanda Says:

    I have been wanting to try these. I was thinking this would be a fun project for my daughter’s birthday party seeing it in action I will definitely be doing this.

  6. Linn Rivera Says:

    awesome! wish i could show you collection of sharpies :) its huge. but wouldn’t mind winning some more. thanks for the giveaway

  7. KellyS Says:

    Oooh/…….snifty… this would be fun!

  8. samantha Says:

    I’m a Sharpie’s addict too! I wonder if these would work on jeans….

  9. Jerene Says:

    I have been wanting something to doodle on fabric with!

  10. Jess Says:

    Sign me up – would LOVE to win a set of these fabric markers!

  11. Teri Daniels Says:

    These would be great for girl scout projects as well as ALOT of projects I can think of for gifts!!!! Would love to win these!!!

  12. Denise Says:

    I’ve been wanting these since I first heard of them, but have been putting off buying them until either a good sale or a definite project comes up (had them on my Amazon wish list in the hopes my bf would get them for my birthday, but he went for other stuff instead).

  13. Jaleh Says:

    Those sound like fun! My son would probably love doodling with those for gifts this year.

  14. Jane Says:

    I was surprised to learn that there was very minimal fading in the wash – thx for the review!!

  15. Joanne Deschenes Says:

    These look really cool…. I can’t wait to find some to try. I have hand tremors, so I find markers easier to use than painting.

  16. Sheila Says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited to have received this info. I wanted to purchase Sharpie Markers for Fabric, but was told by a sales person that they were not ment for fabric. I am glad to see that this is no longer the case. I would really appreciate winning a set to try! I love Sharpie Markers, they come in so many different colors, hopefully they will expand to more than 8 colors. Thank you!

  17. Michele Heiser Says:

    These look like such fun! I have two granddaughters (5 1/2 and 2 1/2)who both love to color and using these markers on t-shirts would be such a great activity for them! Thanks for sharing…I really enjoy your posts and craft testing!

  18. LinhC Says:

    I’d rather have craft supplies than roses too!

    I love sharpies!

  19. Kat Says:

    I’m a Sharpie fanatic! But using them on fabric is one thing I have not tried- and now must!! Please enter me for this giveaway!

  20. Erin Says:

    I love Sharpies too!

  21. jengd Says:

    These sound great!! I got a pack of fabric markers the other year and did one of those ABCD (like ACDC) shirts for my son- it DEFINITELY faded quickly. Very disappointing!

  22. Vicki O'Dell Says:

    I’d love to give these a try! I love Sharpies!

  23. Missi Sidwell Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! This may be exactly what I was looking for.

  24. Cindy deRosier Says:

    I would totally use these! Are they actually formulated differently from regular sharpies, or is it the same product marketed differently? Either way, I love all things Sharpie and would love to give them a try!

  25. heather Says:

    i would love to play with these. i have so many ideas that i could used them on.

  26. Victoria Sturdevant Says:

    I think my grandson would love these. I want to doodle on some canvas sneakers.

  27. Jen Hathaway Says:

    Oooooh the possibilities!

  28. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor Says:

    Oooh I love the idea of these pens! Would be really cool to use these to color little white running shoes with. Love it that they don’t bleed. There is so much potential fun to be had with a set of these cool pens!

  29. Julie H Says:

    My daughter would LOVE these! We have every color imaginable of the regular Sharpies (both thick and thin), so this would be a great addition to our stash.

  30. Mary Beth Kerr Says:

    Way groovy

  31. Julianna G Says:

    Thanks for the review. I saw these at the store and wasn’t sure how good they were. Now I know! I can’t wait to start making Christmas presents with these.

  32. Kathleen Says:

    Love your blog!! What an excellent post– the color intensity grid is really helpful. Can’t wait to try these!

  33. Jennifer Smith Says:

    These look so fun and perfect to so a craft with kids!

  34. Craftyb Says:

    I’ve yet to find a fabric marker I’ve liked- have to play with these and a bleach pen!!

  35. Brooke Bumgardner Says:

    Awesome! I love brush tip markers, these would be great for working on Christmas gifts.

  36. Michelle Says:

    What a fabulous review! I adore sharpies too, and I am so glad I’m not the only one who would prefer them over flowers. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Your post makes me want to go buy some fabric sharpies RIGHT now! So happy I found your blog.

  37. Julie Says:

    Big Sharpie lover here also! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. Fran Says:

    Love Sharpies and love that they are creating this new brand that will allow to work directly on fabric! I really appreciate the review…very helpful!!

  39. Carla Says:

    These scare me a little because I’m so clumsy and I can just see myself getting ink on my favorite shirt or something–but they are still awesome! I’d looove a set!

  40. darla Says:

    Glad you gave these a test drive. I’ve been thinking about trying them out. Would love to win them!!

  41. robin Says:

    I love markers. :) Thanks!

  42. Marci Says:

    My 13 y.o. Daughter has been talking about decorating her converse gym shoes. These would be perfect! Thanks for the review!

  43. MegaCrafty Says:

    I love sharpies… and would be thrilled to win a set of these to play with. Thanks for the chance!

  44. Teri C Says:

    Sharpies are my fav also! These sounds like just what I am looking for. Thanks for the news.

  45. sue jacobs Says:

    I’m a Zentangle addict (also a CZT – certified zentangle teacher). I would love to try these markers out with Zentangle techniques. Glad you posted this review. If I win these (or if I can get Sharpie to send me a pack) I’ll post my own review on my blog. Thanks

  46. Barbara Leonard Says:

    Would love for my granddaughters to make t-shirts like your girls did. I have not seen t-shirts like this locally, but I’m sure the girls could do their own drawing. And, they love Sharpies!!

  47. Kathleen Says:

    I think these will be amazing to use in all kinds of products! I know I could have used them when I did the Grandpa shirt with handprints for my husband! Would have come in very handy!

  48. Wendy Butler Says:

    I love Sharpies, actually I love ANY kind of marker or pen :)

  49. Sadie Says:

    I admit that I have a Sharpie problem. These would feed my addiction.

  50. Jill Says:

    OOOH!!!! big sharpie fan, but haven’t seen these before! would love to win!

  51. Connie Says:

    I love sharpies so much! What a great addition to a crafters stash! Please consider this my entry in the contest! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win them!

  52. Clayre LiSanti Says:

    my son and i could have a blast with these ! sounds easier for him to handle than the fabric paints

  53. Rhonda Says:

    Gosh my daughter would just love these.

  54. Randi Nemeroff Says:

    Wow, for my fiance who just found out how much he loves to do zentangles, I could see him and me using these to go doodle/color and design on pretty much anything we could think of. How cool is this! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Brandie Veldheer Says:

    Oh, love me some sharpies! I have already added them to my amazon wishlist :) Thank you for an informative review!

  56. Kelley Galyen Says:

    Ok…I neeeed these. Where were they when my mom saw an article about using a regular sharpie to cover a stain on a shirt? It was all well and good until the shirt went through the washer and the colors ran. And by run, I mean like in a 5k or the Boston Marathon! Seriously, these look great and i would have fun creating all sorts of things! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Tara Schroeder Says:

    I haven’t seen these!! How cool are these for those ‘end of the year shirts’ that kids sign at school!!! my kids would LOVE them!!!

  58. Sandy Carlson Says:

    Would love to try these with my grandkids!!

  59. Karen Rose Says:

    Oh! This could be so much fun!!!! My kiddos and I would find WAY too many items to mark up!!! lol!!! Thanks for the chance to win them!!!

  60. Anita Braddock Says:

    Wow thats cool I would love to win the fabric markers. thanks for the chance to win.
    I could use this In my craft room.

  61. Kaitlin J. Says:

    My girlfriend and her BFF would kill for these! Karen is a Sharpie doodle maniac and Bethen trades other artists her sharpied vans shoes for their artwork in whichever medium they work with. It’s awesome!

  62. Dale Says:

    I’m so excited to know about these new markers. They will be perfect for me to use in my kindg. class. The kids have white t-shirts that they write the words they have learned to read…then on our special “Word Shirt Wednesdays” they wear their shirts over their uniforms. We had our first WSW last week and they were very proud.

  63. cindy Says:

    OMG. These look amazing. We are so addicted to Sharpies here as well. I was excited about the pop-up ones. Now I am so excited about fabric Sharpies. I may have to ask for my dozen ros..I mean dozen fabric sharpies. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Witchylana Says:

    I have a budding fashionista at home who would kill to get her 9yr old mitts on some fabric pens.

  65. Betsy J Says:

    Oh these could get addicting. Sign me up! :)

  66. Sharon P Says:

    What fun markers! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. Lisa Says:

    I have to admit…I like these! This year shirts and even jeans are big in kids sizes that come with markers so you can color them. The only problem…when you wash them they go back to no color! Seriously? You have to color it again? Well, maybe fun for kids but not in my book. Anyway, these would be great for when you got tired of washing, coloring, washing, coloring, washing, coloring….

  68. Dollie Says:

    These look so awesome! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  69. maria soto Says:

    Oh I would love to win this my son make his own characters – he made some for his friends and asked me if I would buy him some t-shirts because he wants to make some for bday gifts – He should could use these to make his character t-shirts. I have all the other sharpies even highlighters.

  70. Joani Says:

    Cool! I’d like a chance please. They look like fun!

  71. Jenny Says:

    LIsa- these will solve your dilemma! : )

  72. Shannon Says:

    Those look so fun!

  73. tamara h Says:

    looks like fun!!!

  74. Kathy Jacobson Says:

    These are adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  75. Mary Beth Kerr Says:

    I need to perk up our dramatic play clothes

  76. SusanB Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. These would come in handy for some of our home school art projects this year.

  77. Laura Clark Says:

    . Ooooo, i am extremely surprised that a huge sharpie lover like myself hasnt tried these out yet. But thats good to know cause i design shirts with sharpies

  78. Donna Russ Says:

    I would really love to win this set of Sharpies, I have a white T-shirt that has been in my to-do projects for a long time now, I would really love to use these Sharpies on them thanks for a chance to win them.