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Ever wanted to add oomph to your fabric?  How about a quick and easy way to stiffen fabric with no ironing required?  Phoomph for fabric might just be for you.  I was sent some Phoomph to run through the CTD wringer so lets put it to the test.  Here is what the Coats and Clark website has to say:

Phoomph is a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that creates a brand new way to craft with fabric. There is no ironing required making fabric fun for all ages!!  Phoomph is available in two versatile textures;  Soft when flexibility is desired and Stiff when rigid structure is desired.


Phoomph for fabric review

In addition to the two textures, Phoomph also comes in 8 colors.  Personally, I did not feel much difference between the stiffness of the soft and stiff varieties.  By the description, I thought the difference would be very apparent by feel.  If you were to set up a blindfolded test, I don’t think you could pick the differences out by feel.  The only instructions given for Phoomph are those right on the front of the package.  Peel, cover, and cut.

Phoomph for fabric review


Sounds simple enough right?  In order not to use an entire sheet of Phoomph for a small project, I would cut off smaller pieces.  Below I have cut a smaller piece to work with.  With scissors, the Phoomph cuts easily with no issues.

Phoomph for fabric review

Next up I peeled the first side.  The peel is easy to remove and the Phoomph almost looks like felt with a sticky coating.

Phoomph for fabric review

I laid my fabric onto my Phoomph and then smoothed all wrinkles as I went.  I used wrinkled fabric from my scraps bin for all of my projects.  The wrinkles were easily smoothed out onto the adhesive of the Phoomph.  I then flipped my project over and removed the adhesive from the opposite side.  The Phoomph has the same appearance on both sides.

Phoomph for fabric review

I laid the fabric onto the adhesive once again and smoothed all wrinkles.  I then cut away any excess fabric.

Phoomph for fabric review

I read how the covered Phoomph can be cut with various dies in a die cutter for some awesome effects.  Below are various dies and how the performed with the Phoomph.  The Sizzix and Cuttlebug Sizzlets both performed the best.  The Sizzix Framelits were mediocre in that only a portion of the material was cut all the way through.  There were failures on Spellbinders, Spellbinders Nestabilities, and Quickutz Cookie Cutter dies.  So although you can cut this product with your die cutter, please be aware that not all dies are going to be able to cut through this thickness.

Phoomph for fabric review

Please note that even though my Sizzix Framelits were a partial failure above, I was able to cut it out completely with scissors.

Phoomph for fabric review

I then made a spiral cut with my scissors along the entire circle.

Phoomph for fabric review

A little hot glue, a button, and a pin later and I had a great pin for any outfit.  I love the way the Phoomph gives extra dimension to fabric.  It really did make a project like this quick and easy.  Plus look at the lack of frayed edges.

Phoomph for fabric review

So that is all great but what about intricate cuts?  I grabbed some snoopy themed fabric from my scrap pile and applied it to some Phoomph.  I then cut out Snoopy with scissors.  The Phoomph does well even with these tiny intricate cuts.

Phoomph for fabric review

I actually used the Snoopy fabric to make a quick and cute bookmark.  This product would be really great for allowing the kids to craft with fabric (no sewing required).

Phoomph for fabric review


But what if you wanted to sew your project?  I took a strip of Phoomph and made a ring by sewing the ends together.  Four layers of fabric and two layers of Phoomph and my sewing machine did fine.

Phoomph for fabric review

It should be noted that when you make the Phoomph bend like this, there are some wrinkling effects on the inside.

Phoomph for fabric review

Also I noted that if you bend the fabric covered Phoomph, you are left with a “witness” mark on your project that cannot be removed.

Phoomph for fabric review

But this product makes some quick and easy napkin rings for any dinner party you are hosting.

Phoomph for fabric review

All in all I love the Phoomph for quick and easy fabric projects.  This is a great tool to get kids involved with fabric crafts.  Be aware that the product may not work with all of your dies in your die cutter.  If your project requires the bending of the fabric, you will see some wrinkling of the fabric along the bends.  Also, if you ever crease your project while working, the subsequent mark will be permanent.  All in all Phoomph is a great product to work with and really an inventive product that you will want to try.

One last note: Phoomph is labeled as acid and lignin free if you’d like to use in in your archival scrapbooking projects. The packaging specifically states NOT to wash or submerge Phoomph in water.

Disclosure: samples provided for review, but opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased. 


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5 Responses to “Phoomph for Fabric by Coats and Clark”

  1. Beth Says:

    This looks like something that I just might have to give a try I really like the little flower you made :)

  2. Smokie Says:

    ?That is a cool idea!

  3. Buckeye Bev Says:

    Remember the fabric out a few years ago that simulated paper dolls? both the dolls and clothes printed on fabric. I’d bought both with the intention of making a quilt for the grand daughter, and never did.
    Saw the Phoomph product and immediately thought of creating cut out paper dolls and clothes. I’ve used the stiff Phoomph for the dolls and the flexible for the clothing. Backed with plain flannel, the clothing “sticks” to the dolls fairly well.
    A great project for a Christmas gift.

  4. Jenny Says:

    What a clever idea! Please post a photo on our FB wall on Share-it-Sundays!


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