New “Everyday Adventures” Project Life line from Stampin’ UP


Pocket Scrappers, rejoice! Now you can get your Project Life materials from Stampin’ Up with the new Everyday Adventure card collection, accessory pack, dies and more!

Project Life Everyday Adventures from Stampin' UPThere is a LOT of fun in this line- I made you a video to walk you through some of the goodies!

Now… one thing I’ll say- I did NOT like the corner rounder. If you place your paper and punch from the top, it’s too easy to not align the corner correctly and you’ll get a wonky cut. (I really think it could be improved with paper guides at a 90-degree angle.) But if you do get it- or already have it- make sure you flip it over and visually line it up from the underside of the punch. That helps alot. 

Things I DO love?

  • Journaling markers are great- these are my favorites!
  • I love that the kit sits nicely on your desk, tidy and compact. If they just put a little drawer in the bottom for the ephemera, punch and tape, it would be PERFECT!
  • Great color scheme- great for everyday!
  • The cards and accessory pack are great for card-making, too.

Project Life by Stampin' UP



Project Life by Stampin' UP

Yes, I love making cards. Can’t help myself!!

So now it’s your turn to weigh in- do you Pocket scrabook? Would you use the kit for something else? Let me know!


Disclosure: product provided for review purposes. 

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2 Responses to “New “Everyday Adventures” Project Life line from Stampin’ UP”

  1. Laura P. Says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Great post! I have seen the Project Life products on the SU site but never looked closely or knew what to do with them! Looks like nice quality, pretty colors, and contains pretty much everything to start creating right away. Thanks for all of your fun and honest reviews across your blog. I read every post and always learn something!

  2. jengd Says:

    I haven’t gotten into pocket scrapping. Instead, I take the dividers and slice them up to make picture holders that I can include on top of traditional 12×12’s to increase the # of photos on a page .( I can see these pieces working on traditional pages or even on cards though.

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