Craft Product Review: Clover USA Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker


Clover USA Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker


I’m kind of crazy about the new Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker Templates from Clover USA. I mean, I loved the large and small templates but I’m a sucker for anything miniature or extra small.

I noticed that Haley is also a fan of them and mentioned them in her CHA Winter 2013: Haley’s Clover USA Sewing and Notions Picks.

When I first started seeing the Kanzashi flowers it never occurred to me how easy they were to make.They can look rather complicated if you haven’t seen them made before.  But as you can see in the photo above, step by step instructions are included with each template and they are really easy to make.

I went a little bananas right before Christmas making Kanzashi Flower Poinsettias with little jingle bells in the center. I put them on EVERYTHING!


Clover USA Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker



Here is what the new extra small template looks like next to a large size one.


From the package:

Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese art form of folding and stitching fabric petals for use in beautiful hair adornments.


Suitable Materials for the extra small flowers include;  Thin to regular thickness fabric such as cotton, sheetings, broadcloths, silk, thin satin, organdy, and crepe.

I shot this video demonstration while at Winter CHA 2013 in the Clover USA booth that explains more about the Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Makers.


Clover USA Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker


This the dress that Tami mentioned in the video.

If you look at the photo Haley took in the link at the beginning of this post and then at this photo you can see that there were many more flowers added.


Clover USA Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker


You know I had to break out some fabric and try the out the Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker for myself. And, as usual, I got kind of carried away making the flowers so I decided to put them on a headband. The flowers were easy but I did have a small problem with the headband. You can head on over to The Creative Goddess blog to see my Kansashi Flower Headband.

You can read Haley’s review of the Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers: Pointed Petal to get even more detail on how the templates work.


If you would like to purchase an Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker and support Craft Test Dummies at the same time feel free to use the affiliate link below.


Disclosure: Product provided for review.

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  1. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    This….looks….AWESOME!!! I had no idea what a Kanzashi flower was, but I can absolutely see me sewing these all over my girls clothing and making hair bands and barrettes and using them for just about everything imaginable.

  2. Charlotte Gordon says

    Love the video – reminded me of how fun it was to go to CHA! That was a whole lot simpler than I thought it would be to make, I can’t wait to try using one myself! Sidenote: I am also obsessed with miniatures! Why is that??

  3. says

    About how large of a piece of fabric would you say you needed? I’m just wondering if ribbon can be used instead…but how wide a piece of ribbon? :)


  4. Betsy says

    When the flower is complete, do you (or could you) finish it off with spray starch or anything to protect it from dirt or the elements (weather, not the periodic table LOL)? Thanks. This looks fun!

  5. says

    Betsy- it depends on what you are using the embellishment on, I guess. But I wouldn’t spray it with starch, as that would introduce moisture and perhaps loosen the fibers.

  6. Betsy says

    I have in mind jewelry — a pin or even earrings — something which would be worn and need a little protection (I think).


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