Overview of Copic Airbrush Systems from Sandy Allnock


Interested in airbrushing? Have Copics? Thinking about investing in a Copic system? Well, then you need to take a gander at Sandy Allnock’s primer on Copic Airbrushing systems. She covers the compressed-air canister version as well as using an air compressor. Make sure you click the link above to read the text (and maybe give her some love) but I’m embedding the video below so you can check it out RIGHT NOW.

Now, as it happens, I DO have a Copic system… that I’ve never even reveiwed for CTD! If you want me to pull it out of the mothballs and give it a spin, leave me a comment. If I get 5 or more, I’ll know there is enough interest!


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  1. says

    Sandy, let me tell you I am not much interested in this system (it seems too expensive and from my point of view, it is much better to get a real airbrush) but you have made such an interesting review that it kept me watching from the beginning right to the end, really well explained and filmed, very clearly showing advantages and disadvantages, price range, etc… please, consider making more videos for CTD, I have just subscribed to your YT channel.

  2. Patricia says

    I bought the small set (ABS II) from a company that was closing and have not had the guts to use it yet. It would be awesome to see it action.


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