Craft Product Review Update: Impress Art Metal Stamps



Craft Product Review Update: ImpressArt Metal Stamps


Haley reviewed Impress Art Metal Stamps for Craft Test Dummies in May last year. See the review here: Craft Tool Review: ImpressArt Metal Stamps.

Since then, two newer products have come along from the people at Impress Art that I’d like to share with you today. They are the Metal Stamping Hammer and the Stamp Straight Tape.


The website has this to say about the Metal Stamping Hammer:

1 lb. brass head creates crisp even impressions while prolonging the life of the metal stamp
Scaled down ergonomic grip designed for ease of handling & accuracy

And about the Stamp Straight Tape:

Stamp Straight Tape allows precise accuracy when stamping letters on metal. Designed especially for metal stamping jewelry, this tape is non-residual, so the tape will leave behind a clean surface, and thick to provide a strong ridge to line stamps against.



Craft Product Review Update: ImpressArt Metal Stamps


The tape is very helpful for lining up the stamps prior to stamping the metal. The Stamp Straight Tape is just a bit thicker than, say, electrical tape. Not so thick that it’s hard to work with but thick enough that you can feel the edge of the tape with the stamp in order to get a straight line.  Just lightly slide the stamp down until it meets the tape.

This is perfect for words and phrases and gives a more professional finish to your projects. Sometimes you’ll want letters to be a little random but other times you’ll want them to be neater. The Stamp Straight Tape is perfect!



Craft Product Review Update: ImpressArt Metal Stamps


While I found it rather challenging to get a photo of myself hitting the metal stamp with the hammer (go figure) I can tell you that it is a very good tool to have on hand. The heft and balance are such that all it took was a quick “whack” with the hammer on the top of the stamp and the impression was deep and clear.  The tape made it easy to line up the word that has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks.

Here is a tip from me to you… if you wish to type a long word or phrase start in the center of the word first working out toward the ends (this is made easier if you lay the stamps out ahead of time in the order they will be needed) to allow for proper spacing on your metal blank.

You can also mark on the Stamp Straight Tape using a ruler to help you with the spacing of the letters.


THINK SPRING Necklace by Vicki O'Dell The Creative Goddess


I decided that I couldn’t let my SPRING butterfly go to waste and went on to create a mixed metal necklace inspired by one I saw on the internet not long ago. I’d love it if you would stop by The Creative Goddess blog and check it out here: Thinking of Spring and a Mixed Metals Necklace.


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    Gorgeous necklace Vicki! And thanks for the stamping tip from starting in the middle of a word! DUH! That makes sense! You are so smart!


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