Craft Product Review- Radiant Rains by Luminarte


Perhaps you can tell that I like shimmer. And I like paint. And I’m a real sucker for shimmery paint. Ergo, I’m a mad fool for Luminarte’s Radiant Rain shimmering mist.

Sold either in 4 oz spray bottles or daubers,  these are basically liquid versions of their Twinkling H2O’s (the colors even coordinate.) What I like about the spray versions is that the colors are not hyper-saturated, but have some opacity to them. And when they dry, you get the coolest interference shimmer.

I even tried them on dark paper to see what would happen. Of course, photos can’t do justice to a shimmer product, but see for yourself.

To see more of the colors available, and a better visual on the shimmer, check out their color chart page.

I also used them on my Flower Fairie doll, in Pink Grapefruit:

Now, there are a few considerations with the sprays. They have a ball bearing in the bottom, and you really should shake these puppies up for quite a while to re-mix the paint. I’m into immediate gratification, but you have to take the time for this.  You’ll see the pigments on the bottom of the bottle, all glommed up…shake until this is gone.

Secondly, even with shaking, you’ll occasionally still get a plugged up nozzle. A extra shaking and warm water did the trick for me, but this can get a little frustrating. However, the paint colors and iridescent quality of the finish is worth it.

Presumably, you can avoid this issue with the daubers, but I like the spray for the misting. It’s not a super-fine mist, so expect to see some larger drops along with the mist. Again, this really suits my aesthetic, so I love the un-even droplets….but be aware of this if you don’t.

In short, I love these sprays and have been reaching for them over and over- almost anytime I’m working with paper. I have 5 colors so far, but I’ll be adding to may palette as soon as I can.

{{{{LATE BREAKING NEWS! Luminarte has announced that they are going out of business– so stock up on Twinkling H2O’s and Radiant Rains while you can!}}}}

Happy hoarding…ur, I mean crafting……

Editor’s Note 5/4/12- Luminart has been picked up by Creative Imaginations, and is now readily available! Hooray!

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12 Responses to “Craft Product Review- Radiant Rains by Luminarte”

  1. Chris Says:

    Okay, I just bought my first one of these during the sale, and I’m going to be SO sad when it’s gone!!

  2. minzy Says:

    Yeah, I agree with you. A bit shimmer on the background surely adds excitement on the craft. It sure makes any craft not a bore.

  3. Karen Louise Says:

    Thanks for your review! Very useful with the plugged up nozzle. I too love the colors and their fantastic shimmer. However I experience that they spray in circles. Have any of you tried that? And know what to do… It´s a little frustrating…

  4. Jenny Says:

    You know, Karen, I’ve yet to find a “perfect” spray nozzle. (In my opinion, there are quite a few that have a “splatter” effect, too.” I try a few practice sprays before I got to my project to see how the nozzle is acting…and my trick is to keep the bottle moving as you spray to avoid those circles! Good luck, Jenny


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