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This is a version of a post I put up at, but with my special “CraftTestDummies” touch for you!

Mod Podge is a true crafting staple, and every crafters’ closet should have a bottle or two. This miracle 3-in-one product is a glue, sealer, and finish, all in one bottle. What’s more, you have a choice of finishes: gloss, satin, and even sparkle and fabric versions!

So here’s what you should know about Mod Podge:

  • It’s a glue. You can use it just as you would any white glue, and it’s non-toxic. It starts out white, and dries clear, and has the viscosity of honey. That makes it great for working on vertical surfaces. And it cleans up with water and is non-toxic, so your kids can use it, too.
  • It’s a sealer. Use Mod Podge on the top of a project to protect it from moisture. While I wouldn’t dunk your paper projects in water, it does for example make a great sealer when decoupaging paper to game tiles for jewelry purposes.
  • It’s a finish. You get to choose from glossy or matte, too. Working on a project that uses different papers, and want to homogenize the look? Brush on a top coat of MP and it all marries together! Want something to have a glossy shine? MP can do that. It’s a nice finishing touch.

Mod Podge comes in many fancy-schmancy formulas- but today I’m sticking with the basics- Glossy and Matte. Like the names imply, each has a different finish. They both work the same- but depending on your project, you might like one over the other. Here’s a swatch comparison of Glossy versus Matte finishes:

Matte vs Glossy finish

However, no matter which finish you choose,  Mod Podge has some constants:

  • It’s always opaque when you apply it, but dries clear.
  • It has a mild, distinctive odor.
  • Has a tendency to show brushmarks. (Use a sponge-type brush to help this.)
  • Has the viscosity of honey.
  • Can be tacky to the touch when it dries. (But a quick coat of clear acrylic spray remedies this.)
  • Non-toxic, safe for the kids.
  • Works on any porous surface- paper, wood, cardboard, chipboard, fabric, cork, and more!

It’s no secret that I love MP and use it often. Check some of my projects featuring  the illustrious Mod Podge:

Boo-Boo Box

Recycled zipper pulls

Decoupage Tissue Paper Ornaments

Resin Bangles

(And if you need more inspiration, visit The Creative Goddess’s blog– she’s got quite a few!)

For more about the full Mod Podge line and it’s history, visit PlaidOnline. (Did you know that it’s been around since 1960?)

I also have to give a shout-out to one of my blog heroes:  Amy of   ModPodgeRocks fame…she’s always got great projects up! And she’s generous, too! She’s sponsoring a GIVEAWAY!

Just leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite MP project is- and we’ll draw a lucky winner to receive some Matte and Glossy Mod Podge to play with! We’ll draw a name on Monday, 10/18/10. (And here’s a little insider tip- we’re giving Mod Podge goodies away all week!!! Come back every day for a chance to win!)

Thanks for reading, but this giveaway is CLOSED. Please read HERE for the winners!

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57 Responses to “Craft Product Review: Mod Podge”

  1. Vicki O'Dell Says:

    Awesome review Jenny and thanks a TON for the link!! Mod Podge really does ROCK!!
    I can’t wait to see your posts the rest of the week. Whoohoo!

  2. Susan Spiers Says:

    Being Halloween & in a decorating mood, I luv the Stiffy Ghost Ornament! So cute!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Thanks for the great review! LOVE Mod Podge and especially love the tissue paper ornament! Thank you for the chance to win! :-)

  4. Karen604 Says:

    I still have a plaque I made with Mod Podge in Summer Bible school 40 years ago. Things you make with it can last forever.

  5. Angela Says:

    I love MP. I use it all the time, on altered art, mixed media jewelry, ATCs and more. My favorite project using MP so far was a domino tile bracelet with “women of distinction” on it (photo on one side, bio on the other). I made it for my sister when she attended a NOW conference. She loved it and it was a hit.

    Thanks for the chance to win another great product!

  6. Kimmy Says:

    I have just got started with modpodge and I love it. untill today I did not know they had so many different kinds. I just bought the hard coat kind yesterday. I have been looking for outdoor modpodge and can not find it. I use it to cover tiles that I have cut out vinyl with my cricut, thanks for the great info.

  7. Jerene Says:

    I use Modge Podge a lot when working in my art journal and for adding collage elements on a mixed media art piece. Great tool!

  8. Jenny Says:

    Kimmy- I’ll be doing a review of Outdoor later this week- stay tuned!

  9. Tanya P. Says:

    I use mod podge for plaques and altered clothes pins! Love finding other ideas to make with Mod Podge! Would love to win some :)

  10. Cynthia Blanton Says:

    Question: Do the various Mod Podge products work with polymer clay?

  11. Jenny Says:

    Cynthia- I think it depends on the application. Generally, MP is a water-based acrylic meant for porous surfaces. I’m guessing in thick layers it could peel off, especially if it’s going to be handled/worn. But to coat an ornament? Maybe. Try it and let us know!

  12. Patrice Says:

    I love, love,love the Boo-Boo Box project and am inspired to attempt one of my own!

  13. Kelly Massman Says:

    Truthfully, I didn’t know that they made so many cool products! I have the Mod Podge gloss-lustre and have used it on a lot of decoupage products! Thanks for a chance to win!
    kmassman gmail

  14. Stacie Says:

    I use it for refinishing my shelves and cupboards in my craft room. So much fun!

  15. Dana Says:

    All I’ve used so far is the Satin MP so I guess that’s my favorite! I’m relatively new to the MP scene =)

  16. K Says:

    I use it all the time to seal my origami projects!

  17. Brie Wheelwright Says:

    I’m currently re-doing an old ugly dresser and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  18. Kathy Says:

    I love to use Mod Podge to make plaques and such from vintage images and the like.

  19. artsy_momma Says:

    So far, my favorite is the popsicle stick puzzles I amde for my son using mod podge :)

  20. Kari V. Says:

    Just used Mod Podge for the first time last week…and it’s fun to see all the ideas and possibilities! Thanks for the great posts!

  21. Katherine Says:

    I really love the train cases. Then again, what doesn’t look better with a little MP added?? 😉 Thanks for the smokin’ giveaway!! YAY!

  22. Lindy Says:

    I use mod podge for altered clipboards and binders and clothespins.

  23. Mina Says:

    The Resin Bangles are so cool, I have to try making something like that sometime! Thanks for the giveaway! Decoupaging with MP is also fun.

  24. Melissa Martin Says:

    Love Mod Podge! Sign me up!

  25. Kristi Says:

    Way too many awesome projects to pick just one!

  26. Karen Lopez Says:

    I am new to this product but am excited to get some and try it on some Halloween decorations, and I ordered the glitter also cannot wait to see that post!!!
    Thanks for sharing some great info!!!

  27. Noreen Says:

    I just finished making a dozen sets of tile coasters as Christmas gifts – using Mod Podge, of course. I love the way it goes on and how quickly it dries. Now that I see how easy it is to use, and that you can use it on everything, I’m going to use Mod Podge to attach paper and fabric on lots of projects.

  28. Betsy J Says:

    I love mod podge for…everything. No joke. It is my go-to glue. Where others has e-6000,I have mod podge. Notebook(both covers and spine binding!) altered magnets and trays, anything. I LOVE IT! And I love free stuff. Just sayin’ :)

  29. Amanda Says:

    I am obsessed with modge podge right now. I have not used any of the products except the original. I just finished 3 modge projects. I go through the stuff like crazy.

  30. Emily Says:

    I’m currently using mod podge in a present I’m working on for my boyfriend. I’m using Mod Podge Outdoors (b/c it’s waterproof) to transfer a bunch of images I made with Photoshop onto 12 shot glasses– cheap, customized, and the perfect present for a college student!
    {Credit goes to “Mod Podge Rocks”, “Sabby in Suburbia”, and “Still Alive” for the photo transfer idea. It’s absolutely awesome.}
    I also used mod podge to make sick decoupage covers for all my class notebooks. Nerd ftw.

  31. Pat Says:

    This new type of Mod Podge can be used to accent so many things. I would
    like to try it on some wooden Fairy Tooth boxes.

  32. Amber F. Says:

    I have made photo ceramic coasters that I love with mod podge, I also am planning to do some Christmas ornaments. I have done a bulletin board before too that still hangs in my daughters room, and I want to try to line her dresser drawers with some fabric, and if that works well the shelves in our linen closet too.

  33. Rebecca Says:

    I have about a gazillion canvas ideas that I’m just waiting to do that I always finish with a coat of mod podge.

  34. Lindsay Says:

    I love the jewelry idea! I would have a blast making bangles and rings!

  35. Linh C Says:

    I recently introduced my Mom to mod podge when we used scrapbook paper and paint on wooden projects my kids made at the Home Depot kid’s club. My Mom loved it!

  36. Sue H. Says:

    Podged a wooden sewing box. Very cool. I’d love to win please. Thank you very much. smilin’

  37. Nikki Says:

    I would use it with srapbook paper to decorate some frames for Christmas gifts.

  38. Stefanie Says:

    I use mod podge with tissue paper alot and love how it comes out – the ornaments are cool! :)

  39. Mandie W Says:

    I {heart} Mod Podge!

  40. Shoni Says:

    I’d love the Podge to create with my niece … I made her a “traveling” tic tac toe box, and can imagine so many more fun projects we could do together!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Bonnie Says:

    I am not a mod podger YET, but I can tell you what I want to try. I’m a tatter, and I’ve got to learn to do this so I can bling up my tatting shuttles.

    Thank you for the information on mod podge.

  42. Kim Kiehl Says:

    We painted the kids’ rooms this summer & I want to put their names on the wall above the doors with letters from the craft store. I was thinking about putting fabric on the letters with MP.

  43. Heaney Says:

    I have MP Gloss and it is really glossy looking after it dried. I wrote name on my baby’s bottle so that the teacher in the nursery will not mixed up the bottle with others’ but the sharpie marker tend to come off after some washing. I layered MP gloss onto the name and voila…my baby’s name on the bottle still there even though after washing with soap!

  44. Estee Says:

    I’ve made a gift for my mom using MP and my son’s pictures, I’ve made placemats.

  45. The Prudent Homemaker Says:

    I just did my first mod podge project last week; I covered composition books. I am working on making several more (these will be downloadable on my site when they are done). I’ve already got a few more projects in mind!

  46. Alexandra Says:

    I love Mod Podge but it’s a bit hard to source where I live, so please can I win some? Pretty please? 😉
    Love, Alex

  47. Jennie Powers Says:

    OH I love me some MOD PODGE! I have to say my FAV is good ‘ol Glossy! I’m planning on trying the dimensional product to make some pendants for xmas. M.P. has become my new obsession again lately, I’m having SO much fun with it. I just did some CUTE pumpkins with left over party napkins!
    Love this website, happy crafting!
    Jennie Powers

  48. Lisa Says:

    I love the popsicle-stick puzzle idea posted above!

  49. KarenB Says:

    Amy sent me over :) Thanks so much for your product review and the links too :)

  50. Lisa Says:

    I love making decorations for my house with MP, and I’d also use it for decorating boxes and notebooks!

  51. us Says:

    hi this is very good product, i want to uses mod podge on by quilling earring is this product helps in handing the by jewellery

  52. Cathy Says:

    I have used the dishwasher safe mod podge for glitter glasses and it has been great. I swapped to try gloss and I have had nothing but trouble with it. I keep getting white marks all over my glasses when sealing and my only conclusion is air bubbles!! So disappointed with it and going back to dishwasher safe


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