Craft-A-Day Book Review


The Craft-a-Day book takes you on a journey of 365 simple and inexpensive crafts to create. The crafts are categorized into 52 themed weeks. The beginning of each week has templates for you to trace for that week’s projects. The projects are simple, most taking 30 minutes or less to create. Some, such as the felt plushies, take a little longer. The projects require basic tracing, cutting, pasting, and sewing skills, and most would be great for grade-school aged children.

Craft a Day Book Review


Here is what says about Craft-a-Day by Sarah Goldschadt:

Make something new every day of the year! Craft-a-Day offers daily inspiration along with weekly themes to kick-start your creativity. Make magnets, cupcake toppers, garlands, cards, wall art, finger puppets, and more! With 52 different themes, from rainbows and snowmen to ladybugs and groundhogs, you’ll find fun and cuteness on every page. Author Sarah Goldschadt provides whimsical projects for easy crafts that require no advanced skills or crazy tools. Complete with handy patterns and how-to photos, Craft-a-Day challenges you to make something special, every day of the year.

I love quick and easy crafts. It is why I run the site 30 Minute Crafts .com – because I believe that it is possible for anyone to make time to craft every single day. So, I loved this book before I even cracked the cover – a craft for every day of the year? YES!

I loved the way Goldschadt set up the book into 52 themed weeks.

weeks in 365 projects book

Each week had 7 simple projects to complete, each using basic supplies like felt, paper, and glue. There were several repeating themes throughout the book, like gift tags, photo props, garlands, felt toys, and cards, but not every week had each of these, and I felt there was a good variety of projects throughout the book.

projects from 365 book

There were so many projects in this book, and all so simple, that I decided to try out four of them – selecting the projects on the birthdays of the different people in my house.

February 12th was the heart Photo Stick. A simple project, fun do do with kids, taking less than 5 minutes.

heart photo stick craft a day book

I then did the penguin Gift Tag. Each week has a series of templates at the beginning of the week that are used to create that week’s projects. The penguin had all the templates needed to make him. Again, a simple craft that could be done with young children, as long as they are old enough to wield scissors.

penguin gift tag craft a day book

I then moved on to flower week, and the felt flower ornament. Another simple project. However, I felt that the steps given to create this project might be overly simplified. The steps told the reader to use certain stitches, but the book doesn’t have a glossary of terms or a chapter on basic techniques, so the book relies on a certain level of experience on the part of the crafter.

felt ornament in craft a day book

Lastly, I made the I Love You card. Another simple creation, and I loved the way it turned out.

I heart U card in Craft a Day Book

I loved the simplicity of all these projects. The book is beautifully photographed and the instructions are given in simple English and easy to follow.

I did miss a basic tools and techniques section. I love it when authors include a section with the basic techniques required to complete the projects in their book. I also appreciate a section on the tools needed – different crafters have preferences for different tools, and I like knowing what tools they think will work best for the projects.

Overall, I found this to be a very fun book. It is a great book for a crafter who wants a simple project, a teacher who is looking to add some simple and inexpensive crafts to their lesson plans, a person putting on a party wanting some simple craft ideas that run in line with a theme, or a young crafter who wants to create each day. I suggest that a novice crafter have access to a more experienced crafter or at the very least internet access so that they can better understand basic techniques, but the book had a great variety of craft projects to choose from.

The book is out now, and retails for $24.95

Disclosure:I was sent the Craft-a-Day book by Sarah Goldschadt to review. All opinions are my own.

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