Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets


‘Tis the season where a little overdose of sparkle and glittery goodness is socially acceptable and today’s product review makes it more than easy to get your glitter on. I was sent the Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets to review and I’m thrilled to be here today to share the good, the bad, and the bling-y of these sparkle-packed sticker sheets.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets

First up though, let’s take a look what the Cosmo Cricket site says about the Glitter Sheets:

Glitter sheets are lined with adhesive backing and don’t shed glitter. Glitter sheets are compatible with Sizzix® Originalz and Bigz dies, Tonic Studios® dies and Spellbinders™ dies. 6″x9″ sheets of adhesive backed glitter. Three colors per pack.

I think that covers the product description pretty nicely! I received the three different packages of color options and chose to use the gold sheet for the purpose of this review (plus, I’m obsessed with gold right now). I ran the glitter sheet through a variety of tests and I’m happy to share the results with you.

1. Regular Scissors: Standard straight scissors cut nicely through the glitter sheets. I was even able to cut fairly intricate shapes with ease.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 4

2. Decorative Scissors: It looked like the decorative edge scissors might stand a fighting chance, but I was fooled. The decorative edge scissors cut for about an inch and then nothing after that.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 5

3. Large Punch: The large punch cut through the glitter sheet with a little more pressure than you’d typically use with standard card stock.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 7

4. Small Punch: The small punch was actually easier to use than the larger punch, but did require a little more pressure than typical cardstock.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 6

5. Silhouette/Die-Cut Machine: I was surprised at the result of the glitter paper with the Silhouette machine. I had totally expected for this to be an epic fail, but I was wrong! I tested a basic shape (the deer head) and a fairly intricate shape (a snowflake) and both came out perfectly. I’m showing the back of the glitter sheet so you can see the outline; from the front, I couldn’t really see where the shapes were.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 3

The deer transferred perfectly to the ornament and stuck perfectly even on the rounded shape.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 8

The snowflake shape posed a much greater problem when trying to transfer it. Because it was so difficult to see where the shape was, I had a tough time making sure that all of the small cuts were removed. I got it to work, but not without a little sweat equity in the process.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 9

I was curious about how stamps would fare on the glitter sheets and as you can see below, the glitter sheets are not optimal for any kind of stamping. I did test it with a heat gun too and it did well standing up against the heat. It did curl up around the edges a bit, but kept its stickiness.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 11

I had one last test that I wanted to try out. The deer head remained firmly in place on the rounded ornament so I wanted to check to see how it would hold up wrapped around a rounded shape. I’m happy to report that five days later, this gold strip is still firmly in place.

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 10

I’ve listed some of the pros and cons to help make your decision easier:


  • cost-effective: It retails for $6.99 for a package of three sheets.
  • cuts and punches cleanly
  • compatible with electronic and manual die-cut machines
  • doesn’t shed glitter, even when scratched
  • strong adhesive that keeps the glitter sheets in place


  • not compatible with decorative edge scissors
  • not suitable for stamping
  • only available online

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets and I can’t wait to work with the rest of the colors.

Here’s the final product of the Christmas Ornament I created. The full tutorial is up on my site!

Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets 2

Disclosure: I was provided product to review, but all opinions and ideas are my own.


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6 Responses to “Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets”

  1. Stephanie Rafos Says:

    Oh luv the deer head thx for the review

  2. Debbie Sorensen Says:

    Pretty Papers! I might give these a try. I love the idea you did of decorating a plain ornament.

  3. Crafty Loops Says:

    Glitter sheets that don’t shed glitter?? Yes Please!!!! Glitter drives me nuts, lol. I am not a glitz and glitter girl by any stretch of the imagination but if I found a product that didn’t have me finding bits of glitter in places that glitter should never be found….even I may consider using it, heehee. I love how it turned out with the die cut deer on the bauble, thats really lovely.

    Great, honest review as always Jenny. This stuff looks really interesting. Will I become a Glitter Convert? Who knows! I do tend to steer clear of the stuff but then if this glitter does do exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak….even I may try it. Lol!

    Thanks Jenny.

    Lee x

  4. Dale Rose Stream Says:

    What a wonderful idea for the ornaments! I wouldn’t have thought that the glitter paper would wrap around them well, let alone stick without some major help, such as glossy accents or another adhesive that works well on glass!
    Thanks again for another great review, and I wish everyone at CTD a BLESSED, SAFE & FUN MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

  5. Melinda Morgan Says:

    I was wondering if you had used a Cricut Expression to cut the Glitter Sheets. I have lots of trouble with cutting anything that is not firmly textured card (Bazzill) so I would be worried that the paper would just get chewed up.

  6. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    After having worked with glitter cardstock and embossing powder to make Christmas cards, I can definitely say this would have been handy to have! Good to know it exists and is worthwhile – thanks for the review!

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