Comparison of Adhesive Tapes

December 17, 2013

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Overview and comparison of adhesive tapes

You should know by now that the options for adhesive are almost limitless- wet adhesives, try adhesives, solvent-based, epoxy, water-based, runners, sticks, and of course TAPES. Today I’m going to give you an overview of adhesive tapes that have a release backing, are tissue-thin, and can be ripped with your hands- no scissors necessary. So move over, red-line tape!

We are going to compare three different brands that create similar products- Scor-Tape, Kool-Tak Premium Pro, and iCraft by Therm-o-Web. First, I’ll give you an overview of each brand.

Therm-o-web iCraft Tape

Therm-o-web iCraft Tape

iCraft Adhesive™ is a strong, permanent adhesive with a easy-tear liner! Use it to mount photos, quickly and cost effectively create cards and invitations, attach paper borders, make board books and so much more! The 1 inch core will fit on an office tape dispenser or dowel to create your own dispenser!

Features & Benefits:

  • 1/2 in x 27 yds (12.7 mm x 24.7 mm)

  • Strong clear double-sided adhesive tape
  • Photo safe & permanent
  • Easy to tear liner
  • Available in: tape rolls widths of 1/8 in, 1/4 in, and 1/2 in.
  • Available in: precut sheet size of 5.75 in x 5.75 in.
  • Available in: dots size of 1.5 in and 2 in.
  • Proudly made in the USA! 
Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal

Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal

Scor-Tape is an amazing product. It is a premium double sided adhesive, best on the market, acid free, heat resistant and incredibly sticky tape.  It is the perfect permanent adhesive for card making, boxes, books and Iris Folding. Much easier to use than liquid glue. It can be used with embossing powders, foils, beads, glitter, ribbon etc. Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed which means you can tear it with your thumb & finger. No need for scissors or blade. Being paper, the backing is eco-friendly. All rolls are 27 yards long, so they are exceptional value. We now carry sizes 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 5″ and 6″ sizes. See also our 6″ x 6″ sheets and 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets which are perfect for making die cuts which you can then glitter or emboss.


KOOL TAK Premium Pro Tape –

KOOL TAK Premium Pro Tape

KOOL TAK Premium Pro Tape – Acid free, multipurpose double-sided very high tack tape. Hand tearable with a silicone paper liner. Use it to bond cardstock, chipboard, corrugated board, wood, glass, metals, acrylic, fabric and more! Cover with glitter, micro-beads, jewellery beads and ribbon. Available in different widths.


I made a little video to show you the three as well as do some sample-testing!

Adhesive tape swatches

As I mentioned in the video, prices and availability may vary- so make sure you do some comparison shopping! I personally used to get mine, and I’ve included the links for you below.

Have you used this kind of adhesive tape? On what? Which brand do you prefer and why? I’d love to hear from you!

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10 Responses to “Comparison of Adhesive Tapes”

  1. Dee in NH Says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that the Kool Tak isn’t the same size as the liner paper. I would think that it would make placement difficult if you didn’t have a little wiggle room on your project.

  2. RosieP Says:

    Wow, the prices listed for the tapes on those affiliate links is crazy expensive!

    I use Scrappy Tape. In terms of use it is identical to Scor-Tape, which I used to use until I discovered Scrappy Tape. I buy Scrappy Tape (1/4″ X 30 yards) through for $2.99/roll. This site also sells Scor-Tape. Thought I’d mention that in case anyone is interested in doing a cost comparison between these two products.

    I also want to say that I have absolutely no connection to I think it’s worth mentioning this online supplier seeing as everyone is trying to save a buck (FYI – any order over $25 ships for free and shipping is lightening fast) and for those looking for an adhesive tape that will actually work!

    I’ve been using Scrappy Tape for years and it adheres papers of various weights (including chipboard and foils) perfectly. I use it to adhere ribbons and various embellishments, but I use glue dots to adhere buttons or flat-backed rhinestones…unless the embellishment is “weighty” in which case then I use a liquid glue.

  3. Marilyn from WI Says:

    Is it as strong as redline tape? I love redline but have acrylic nails and find it nearly impossible to peel off the backing.

  4. Sandy T. Says:

    I have used the Thermoweb tape and the Scoretape on hidden hinges and have to say that the Scoretape is much better than the Thermoweb tapes. If you pull on the Thermoweb it will pull loose. The Scoretape will not. I’m sticking with Scoretape from now on!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Marilyn- it’s not the same product. Redline is actually thick plastic adhesive, while these tapes are tissue-thin. I found them to be plenty strong, though- see the bottle cap? Stuck on good!

  6. Sara Says:

    I think the fact that Kool Tac sticky does not go to the edge of the backing would be a serious problem for placement. Most of the times I use this type adhesive is when I need exact placement, as well as very strong bond of course! The only one of the three I’ve used is Scor Tape, which I really like. I will try Therm-O-Web because it is made in the USA.

  7. Sue Rolfe Says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about score tapes.


  8. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    Enjoyed seeing this as well as the comments below, very useful information. I’d love more of this, more brands and comparisons please! I could have used this when I put together some gift boxes I made recently. Tried using the tape from my dispenser (silly me! I should have known better!) and sure enough my boxes fell apart. Redid them with Scor Tape and they held beautifully. I’ve also used redline tape, usually for heavier applications and it works fabulously as well. RosieP thanks for the heads-up on, haven’t been by that site in a while but will check it out!

  9. Mary Lee Says:

    Darn! I’ve got enough red line tape to last for a long time. These seem much easier to use. Thx.

  10. Jenny Says:

    Mary Lee- truthfully, it’s SO much easier to use. And just as good for paper-to-paper bonding!

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