Craft Book Review: The Cloth Paper Scissors Book


The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book  – Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art by Barbara Delaney


I was totally excited when I got this book in the mail a few weeks ago. I’ve been a subscriber of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine off and on (mostly on) for several years now.

While the book is compiled by Barbra Delaney it’s full of designs and instruction from past articles that were published in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine from 25 different Mixed Media artists. Names I recognized and artists I enjoy. I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what it was all about.


  • Soft Cover
  • 159 pages cover to cover
  • 7 Chapters: Beginning, Printmaking & Surface Design, Journals & Bookmaking, Collage & Assemblage, Mixed-Media Stitching, Mixed Media & Beyond: Encaustic, Metal, & Jewelry and Get Your Art Out There
  • The back  portion of the book includes Meet the Contributors, Resources and an Index
  • The MSRP is $24.95 USD but can be purchased at for $15.64USD Cloth Paper Scissors Book on Amazon

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book The first chapter – A Beginner’s Guide to Beginning is very helpful. There are exercises you can do, tips for getting started and questions the author of this section, Jodi Ohl, asks to help you take the first steps.

Chapter one also includes:

  • Mixed Media Toolbox – a list of basic mixed media materials
  • Mixed Media Glossary – “a brief introduction to terms and products that appear frequently throughout this book”

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

And if the first chapter isn’t enough to get you moving then the photos on the following pages are sure to do it. Even if you don’t read the instructions or make a specific project in the book the photos are more than enough to jump start an idea.

Many of the photos have a way of drawing you in with all of their layers and parts. I found myself looking at a photo playing “I SPY” trying to figure out what products & techniques were used but that’s just the kind of craft geek I am!

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

There are several projects in the book that I want to make and while I’m totally going back to make a project or two in Chapter 5 – Mixed Media Stitching it  was Chapter 6 – Mixed Media and Beyond that won my heart this week.

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

As soon as I saw the project with embossed metal I was hooked! I love embossing metal. Something about it is very meditative. Only this time I sort of cheated and took a short cut.


Book Review: The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

Here is my embossed metal project. Can you tell by looking at the patterns on the metal how I embossed it?

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

Maybe a closer look? If you guessed a Cuttlebug you guessed right!  To read more about some of the supplies I used please visit my blog post today: Cloth Paper Scissors Book and a Metal Embossed Mixed Media Project.

All in all I think this is a good book and definately good for learning a new technique or two. I’m sure that even someone with experience in mixed media will learn something new. As Barbara says in a note at the beginning of the book,

” If you’re new to mixed media, you’ll find new ideas, direction, and exciting projects to get you going. And if you’re a veteran but find yourself sticking with your tried-and-true materials and methods, this book will show you that there is a lot more waiting for you and will help you take the leap to try something different.”

So go ahead, pick up a copy and stretch your mixed media wings!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.




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