Book Review: Signature Styles by Jenny Doh


Signature Styles by Jenny DohHave you ever wondered what inspires others to create their own signature styles? Or have you needed ideas or inspiration for creating your own?

“Signature Styles” by Jenny Doh reveals how 20 women are influenced to develop their own unique looks. Women who are authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs and more share some of the events, people and places that lead to their signature style.


Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

Here are a few things you might like to know about the book right away:

  • Soft Cover that lies flat when open
  • Introduction by Jenny Doh
  • Organized by Stitcher
  • Projects are fairly easy for someone with basic sewing/stitching experience
  • Useful chart on the back page that explains yarn weight
  • 139 Pages plus some Patterns in the back – the patterns for the most part aren’t full size and not every project needs or has a pattern

I love a book that doesn’t tell me what is in fashion that I MUST be wearing (or not wearing) but that gives me inspiration to discover my own style. And some of the contributors discuss what they think the difference between fashion and style is just to help you know the difference.

Each profile gives insight into what the contributors can’t live without, an idea of what the essence of their style is, and peeks into their studios or creative spaces.

The great part is, that by reading about how these women developed their styles you can understand how you can create YOUR style. PLUS it’s full of projects I can create to enhance my style or “try on” a new style.


Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

 I’m also happy that I get a bit of insight into the minds of people whose blogs, facebook and twitter feeds I’ve followed for a long time. People who have a style that I like.

 Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

 I also like that the aesthetics of all of the women featured are very different. Jenny didn’t just chose women who have a style similar to her own but women who have a wide variety of interests and styles so there is something here for just about everyone.

Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

The photos and instructions for all of the projects are very clear and easy to follow. The only drawback is that if you wish to make some of the larger projects (there are only a few) you’ll have to make a trip down to the copy shop to have the patterns enlarged. On the whole though, the projects are small and can be completed quickly.

I knew right away that I’d have to make SOMETHING from this book and I had a hard time choosing, but in the end I decided I liked this basic yo-yo necklace by Megan Nicolay (above photo). I liked that the project was basically simple and used techniques that I am familiar with but I also knew I could “VICKI it up” a bit and make it my own. Which is, after all, the whole idea of Signature Styles.

Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

If you’d like to see how I went from the basic yo-yo necklace in the book to my own version (above) be sure to visit my blog post here.

Overall, I enjoyed Signature Styles. I liked learning more about people I already knew a bit about and “meeting” new people. The projects over all seem easy enough to tackle and you probably have many of the supplies already on hand. None of the projects require supplies that are hard to get as most will be available in a craft or fabric store. I also came away from reading the book feeling more confident in my ability to choose my own signature style.

This list price of Signature Styles is $19.95 (USD) but you can purchase the book from Amazon here for $12.96.

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    I rather enjoyed the book myself. I found several projects that piqued my interest as well. So fun to see what you were inspired by :)


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