Book Review: Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van

Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van

From the back of the book:

Every day we dress ourselves in wonderful fabrics, so why not accessorize with them, too? The designers in Making Fabric Jewelry mined their imaginations to create spectacular, innovative fabric accessories. Dive into your stash and reuse remnants and scraps to create a variety of pieces perfect for everything from picnics to posh gallery openings.


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van

About Making Fabric Jewelry :

  • 144 Pages
  • 23 Projects
  • The MSRP is $15.95USD and is available at for $8.12USD


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


In the introduction Marthe explains that she feels that there is a revolution underway. She explains, “as the price of precious metals and gemstones skyrockets and the environmental and social costs of extracting these commodities come into question, designers are mining their imagination instead of our planet to create spectacular, innovative accessories.”

As a frequent visitor of my local thrift shop I can honestly say that I’m rather excited about the idea of recycled materials coming into their own as couture jewelry and accessories.


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


While I didn’t love every project in the book I can certainly see them as springboards onto other projects. This is one of those books that makes your brain sizzle with new ideas.


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


The book begins with several pages that explain fabrics, sewing gear, and even needles. There is a basic toolkit list, a little information about sewing machines and even basic hand stitching stitches.

Marthe also includes information on jewelry findings, basic jewelry making tools and techniques, as well as wire and wire working techniques.

This information is very helpful if you are new to jewelry making or working with fabric.


Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


One of my favorite projects was the “Sterling Stitches”.  I love the fabrics used in the projects and the silver stitches showing round the edge. I knew I didn’t have any of the same kinds of fabric that are called for in the instructions but I decided to give them a try anyway.

Book Review: Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe Le Van


This is my finished project. I think they are fun and funky. I found the directions easy to follow even though I didn’t have the exact same materials on hand.

I also have several ideas rolling around in my head about how I might create similar earrings with some extra stitching or beading.

All in all, another fun and informative book from Lark Crafts.


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