Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van

From the back of the book:

Do bracelets make you HAPPY? Are you PASSIONATE about cuffs? Wouldn’t you LOVE more bangles?

Good thing it takes just 30 MINUTES to make each of the FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE projects in this book!



Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


30 Minute Bracelets is another book in the 30 minute series like the 30 Minute Rings I reviewed a couple of weeks back. And like that book, this one is intended for jewelers.

Not that there aren’t projects for intermediate jewelry makers in it but if you aren’t  a jeweler, per se, you might find this book a bit of a challenge.

Which means the projects may take you more than 30 minutes.

But if you are like me, that is OK as long as I’m learning and growing as a jewelry maker.


Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


About 30 Minute Bracelets:

  • 136 Pages
  • 60 Projects
  • The MSRP is $21.95USD and is available at for $14.48USD
  • Includes a Bench Tool Kit and Soldering Kit checklist


Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


Just like with 30 Minute Rings there are no instructions. The book jumps right into the 60 projects.


Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van


During my first pass through the book my eye landed upon this bracelet and I recognized it as a project I could probably take on.



Book Review: 30 Minute Bracelets by Marthe Le Van

And while I didn’t have the exact same elements to create my bracelet the supply list and instructions were clear enough that I was able to use what I had on hand to create something similar.

Which makes it a good book, in my mind, if you can use the projects as a springboard and not have to run out to the bead store for a dozen different items.

If you’d like to see MY version of the supply list please visit The Creative Goddess here: Braided Faux Leather Bracelet

All in all, this is another helpful jewelry book from Lark Jewelry & Beading. Not too easy and challenging enough to stay with me as I explore jewelry making further.



I hope you find this review helpful and would like to ask that if you are considering purchasing 30 Minute Bracelets or 30 Minute Rings, that you please support CTD and use our affiliate links:

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  1. M says

    I picked this book up at the library a little while ago and I was glad I didn’t buy it. There were a lot of techniques included that I didn’t know much of anything about and I didn’t feel like the book provided enough information to get me started with them, negating the fact that they were supposed to be “30 minute” bracelets. I wish the projects would have also been organized in some manner since the ones that required certain skill/material sets were often scattered all over the book. The things I already knew how to do, well, I didn’t need a book to tell me how to put the elements together. The book just kinda served as a book showing me a bunch of handmade bracelets.

  2. says

    Hi M,

    Yeah, this book and the 30 Minute Rings book are more for “jewelers” (see bottom right corner of cover). Which explains why there isn’t much instruction and a supply list that includes very specific supplies.
    It’s ok. We all have different skill sets and interests and this book is written for people who have way more knowledge than I do at present.
    It does give me something to aim toward though! :)

    Have a great day!



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