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When I first saw Jenny at CHA in Chicago and we sat down to chat about what’s new and popular she asked me, “So how long did it take you to download the new Tim Holtz app?”  I said, “Minutes!”  And it’s true!  I went back and looked through my twitter feed and it took me four minutes to download the app from the time Tim announced it.  So yes, to say I was excited for this app is an understatement.

I’m going to do this review a bit backwards because I realize that this app isn’t for everyone.  It is specifically geared towards crafters that use Tim’s products.  If it’s not for you, that’s fine.  It’s free, yes F-R-E-E, so all it actually costs you is the space on your phone or mobile device!  It’s available in the Apple app store and Android store.  What this app gives to me is something amazing, so with all of that said, let’s take a look at all it does.

The main screen will start you on your journey!  There’s an “About Me,” section where you can go and learn a bit about Tim. There’s a blog link where you can skim through the most recent posts of creative fabulousness and even directly go to the the blog to view the complete post.  There’s a calendar link to see where Tim will be teaching in the months to come.  There is a QR scanner, which is great because a lot of Tim’s products have QR codes on their packaging.  You can scan a product to be taken to the website to see what it does!  How cool is that?  There are links also to check Tim’s latest tweets on twitter and see his latest wall updates on Facebook.  You can really stay in touch with him with this app.

Next up is a really great feature; the videos!  I know I’m not the only person to say when Tim comes out with a new video, I like to sit back with a diet pepsi and enjoy.  Tim shares all of the amazing and wonderful techniques he’s come up with using his products over the years.  It’s a great place to go to get a quick burst of inspiration.  It’s also a great way to learn about all of the products as Tim shares his tried and true methods of using them.

Next comes my favorite part of the app and excuse me if I fan-girl out for a bit.  I am hard-pressed to not use one “Tim” product on any project.  I always have distress ink on my fingers and have made it my personal mission to own every single color. (Only nine more!)  I have used his fabulous flourish stamp on just about everything from altered projects to even handmade wedding invitations I made for a friend.  I’ve attended conventions, crafty getaways and classes where Tim is teaching and am a member of the “All Things Tim,” yahoo group.  All along the way I’ve been collecting his products.  Since Tim partners with so many fabulous companies such as Stampers Anonymous, Ranger Ink, Sizzix and many others, it can be difficult to keep track of what products you have, especially when it comes to all of the colors that are available with the inks, paints and crackles.  Here comes the, “Products” and  “Wishlist” feature.  Click on “products” and you are taken to a list of different companies that Tim has products with, and within each of those are more categories for each and every one of his products.

Once you get to the list of products you are looking for, you will see on the left hand side of the screen there is a check box.  If you tap it, it will turn green, signalling this is a product you have.  On the right side there is an encircled heart.  If you tap this, it turns red and that item is then sent automatically to your wishlist.  This is a great feature as you can use your product list to do inventory while at home and then have the wishlist with you while you are out shopping so you don’t double purchase something that you already have. (Which I have totally done more than once.)  At birthday and holiday time, you can conveniently email your wishlist to family and friends!

Overall, this is a beautifully designed and intuitive app for crafters and fans of Tim Holtz.  The inventory and wishlist features are absolutely invaluable to me.  What do you think, my crafty friends?  It doesn’t hurt to try it!  Give it a download and tell me what you think!


  1. Teri says

    I read your review and downloaded his app straight-away! I’m not a stamper, but I do use his items in jewelry-making. I have to say he really thought through this app and designed it well! While it does include links to products and your on-hand versus wish-list items, I think including the links to his blogs and videos is brilliant! Throw in FB and Twitter and it’s an amazing app for all things “Holtz-y”! LOLVE IT!

  2. Carmen Lucero says

    I donwloaded it when it first came out – it was easy peasy!! Now I have to go and do inventory! Love it!! Thanks for the review Sara!


  3. says

    Now that I’m finally out of Web OS land and I have a brand spanking new android phone I’m off to download this app. I don’t have a ton of Tim’s stuff but I do have some – and this will let me fill out my “pantry” without duplicating. NICE!

  4. Laurie H. says

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with the app, but like you, I love the inventory piece. I was going to say I just wish the stamps and dies were there too and I am not sure if they were a late add or whether I some how overlooked them, but Stamps and dies are there now and I must inventory them now too. I wish more of the companies would come out with similar apps then maybe I will stop purchasing doubles!

  5. says

    Sara- thanks for this thorough review! I am getting ready to download it to both my iPad and my iPhone… love that inventory piece! I agree with Laurie and hope that more companies will offer apps that include inventories (Copic, perhaps?) so that we can shop without worrying about duplicates.

    Thanks again for a great review!

  6. Cynthia F says

    Thanks for this! I’ve been making notes on my iPhone of all my Tim products. Some colors I only have in stain or markers. What a great way to keep track. Downloading … now!

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