Craft Product Review: Xyron Glue Stick for Corners


Glue sticks are glue sticks are glue sticks, right? Not if we’re talking about the Xyron Glue Stick for Corners. A better design makes this glue stick the bee’s knees!

  • Xyron Glue Stick for Corners

Here’s how it’s described on the website:
This unique, patent pending Glue Stick is designed specifically for corners and to work great anywhere you use your glue stick today! The “wedge” design fits comfortably in the hand and won’t roll of your work surface.
The Xyron® Glue Stick contains .8 ounces (22 grams) of permanent, non-toxic, acid-free glue. The adhesive gauge on the side shows you how much product remains so you don’t run out when you need it the most! The cap easily inserts into the bottom of the stick for safe keeping while in use, and exposes the adhesive with a simple twist.

  • Wedge shaped glue stick allows for complete, mess-free coverage in corners
  • Adhesive gauge on tube shows how much product remains
  • Acid-free, photo safe and non-toxic adhesive conforms to ASTM D-4236

Xyron Glue Stick for CornersLet me walk you through what makes this  product a step above.

First, the wedge-shaped design let’s you get into the corners of your project and keeps the stick from rolling off of your table. Then, the cap also functions as the mechanism to advance the glue- so no lost caps AND it helps the glue stick stand up on the table!

Xyron Glue Stick for Corners

But to show you more, I made you a video:

The cost of a Xyron Glue Stick in the US is $2.99 and I’ve seen packs of 6 for $9.99. Well worth it for a good design and a great adhesive.

So, what do you think? Will you be looking out for the Xyron Glue Stick for Corners?

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  1. Michelle jadaa says

    What a great idea,so much easier to use for all those fiddly bits.Would love to try this.

  2. Veralynne Malone says

    Well, how cool is that!!!! Since I do scrapbook and do other crafts, this will certainly become a permanent addition to my “tool chest”

  3. says

    i love your site! thank you for this review. i happen to be obsessed w/ good adhesives, as they are very hard to find. i’m very excited about this product!

  4. Rebecca Bodine says

    WOW! This is very inovative.Someome was really thinking when they designed this.

  5. Vidette Benn says

    They have thought of everything. Awesome redesign. Love the indicator and no more lost caps. Yeah!!! Will it come out in a larger size?

  6. Myrtle says

    I liked the video, but would like to have seen you actually using the glue stick in addition to showing the results. I only have a few questions: How easily is it applied to the paper? What amount of pressure is required? What’s the moisture content, i.e. does the paper curl or wrinkle? How close to the edge does the glue stick get? I ask because I don’t want it to ooze out when burnished. And finally, about how long does it take to dry?

  7. says

    Myrtle- its a glue stick, comparable to other glue sticks. How “close it gets to the edge” & pressure needed is determined by the user. (For me, it seemed to glide on very smoothly.) As always, dry time will be determined by your location’s temperature and humidity. Because the stick is a solid, there is very little instance of wrinkling. (Note the vellum envelope.) Hope this helps!

  8. Myrtle says

    I haven’t used glue sticks in a long time. Didn’t like them much, but this one looked like I would like to use. Thanks for the information.

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